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These days, miracles are most often thought of in terms of acts Jesus performed Himself, while he was here on this earth. However, miraculous events still continue to happen, all around us. We just have to be ready to see and accept them.

It’s certainly not everyday that they happen, though, and sometimes we need a little reminder that they do. In fact, hearing of someone else’s miracle can sometimes give us the faith to keep going when we are having tough times of our own. Passing this “good news” on to others can make an astounding difference in someone’s life.

Here are a few examples to encourage those who may not have seen one lately.

Miracle on the Hudson

On January 15, 2009, both engines of an Airbus A320 were incapacitated, leaving the passengers aboard Flight 1549 doubting that they would ever see their families again. A flock of birds had flown into the engines, causing them to burst into flames, and more than one passenger admitted, they thought they were going to die. The emergency exits were opened and, amidst the strong smell of gasoline, the passengers prepared themselves for the imminent crash into the ice-cold waters of the Hudson Bay.

What those onboard did not see, however, was the expert manner in which pilot Charles Sullenberger leveled the plane and aimed it towards the waters, even with no engine activity at all. Nearby witnesses said, what they saw looked like a controlled landing. When the rescue efforts were through, not a single life had been lost. A total of 155 people, including one infant, were saved from certain death in what is now known as the Miracle on the Hudson.

A Miner’s Miracle

In 2010, thirty-three miners in Chile found themselves trapped underground, as the mine they were working in had collapsed. For the first seventeen days, everyone thought the mineworkers were dead. Conditions were hot and humid and there was little hope that they would have survived such an ordeal. Rescuers found them to be alive, however, after boring a hole into the shaft. They then used the bore hole as a means to get food, water, hydration gel, Bibles and letters from their family to them.

After capturing the interest of more than 1500 journalists from around the world, prayers began to pour in from all corners of the globe. In the mean time, the miners themselves were praying and asking God to keep them safe until they could be rescued. Sixty-nine days later, that day finally arrived. When rescuers pulled the workers from the mine, those miners immediately fell to their knees in thanksgiving for what could only be known as a miracle.

A Mother’s Miracle

A forty-year-old mother, Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro, went into Florida’s Boca Raton Regional Hospital to deliver her baby via cesarean on September 23, 2014. After delivering her daughter, she was happily talking with her family when she began to slip into unconsciousness. It turns out, she was suffering from amniotic fluid embolism, a rare condition in which amniotic fluid enters the mother’s blood. This can cause blood clots, which often lead to death in the new mother.

For two hours, both nurses and doctors struggled to keep Ruby alive, but after that time, her heart finally stopped beating. For the next forty-five minutes, they continued chest compressions, taking turns so that no one became exhausted in their efforts. They even used shock paddles, but all seemed to be to no avail. Finally admitting there was nothing left they could do to save the woman’s life, doctors chose to call Ruby’s family in so that they could say their final goodbyes.

When the family left Ruby’s side, they began to pray as the doctors were prepared to call a time of death. However, the heart monitor stopped them from doing so. At first, it was a single beep, then another. A nurse by the name of Claire Hansen went to tell the family to continue praying, because Ruby’s heart had once again started beating. After 45 minutes with no heartbeat, not only did Ruby spontaneously resuscitate, but to this day, has no ill effects of her near death experience.


Some say that miracles died out after the time of the Apostles and no longer happen. However, many people, like the ones mentioned above, are living examples that God still moves in miraculous ways. When doctors and other professionals admit that there is no other way possible for these things to have happened, we know that all glory is due to God and God alone.

Keep your eyes open. You never know when you will experience a miracle for yourself.

Stacey is a freelance writer, blogger and homeschooler who lives in Central Kentucky with her husband and two children. You can find her online at her website or on Facebook.

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