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There’s a time and a place for everything, and sometimes humor in the pulpit can be a good thing. Humor can put people at ease, and help to break down barriers. A funny statement gets people’s attention, and through a humorous illustration, a serious topic can be more well received or understood.

But as a pastor, you don’t want to keep on using the same old jokes and funny analogies over and over. Yes, it can be impactful for the guests, but what about your regular members? To help you out, we’ve gathered five funny sermon illustrations that you can use to add some humor that your congregation may not have heard before.

Selfish Dating

Have you heard the one about the mother who advised her young adult son to invite his new girlfriend over to his apartment for a home-cooked meal? As the man tells his mother the next day, the date didn’t go so well, because the girl refused to cook! This is a great illustration for a subject about selfishness or self-centered expectations. This illustration and many others can be found at Ministry 127.

Big Mac or the Ten Commandments?

Did you know that more Americans can recite the ingredients for a Big Mac than can remember all ten of the Commandments given in the Old Testament? This illustration from Sermon Central is funny, but delivers its shock value in the same punch.

Length of a Sermon

How is a sermon like a woman’s skirt? It should be long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep you interested! This classic joke – and many other humorous stories and sermon illustrations are on Java Casa. Check out all the great jokes and stories!

GPS Sermon Illustrations

Do you use a GPS when you’re driving? What about using God’s Word like a GPS in life? This page on Stuff Christians Like has three great GPS-related humorous sermon illustrations.

Church Bulletin Bloopers

This one isn’t so much of a sermon illustration as it is just plain funny. Sometime we just need to relax and laugh at ourselves, and awkward typos is something that we all have experienced and can all laugh at. shares these seven bulletin bloopers.

Do you have a favorite joke or funny sermon illustration you’d like to share?

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  1. Johnny Dunigan

    You probably already have this one, but it is my all-time illustration when I’m talking in a meeting with church leaders. There are some people we can never make happy:
    A christian man was stranded on a deserted island for many, many years. When he was finally spotted by accident and the rescue crew arrived. They were impressed with all the things he built by himself. The most prominent was 3 buildings. They asked him about the first building and he answered, “That is where I live.” Then they asked about the second. “That is where I go to church.” In amazement they then asked about the third building, to which he immediately switched to a very angry demeanor and replied gruffly. “That is where I USED to go to church!”