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Of the hundreds of books written on God’s Miracles over the centuries, how do you pick five great ones? Since I am writing this my preferences obviously take the lead. First, let’s agree on one point. The BEST place to find miracles and have them explained is God’s Word. I recommend a thorough examination of the scriptures as your first step in the study of miracles. Use your concordance and find scriptures about miracles and study them in context of the verses before and after the particular passage.

For those wanting a short cut let us look at the works of some contemporary ministers who have written or have had books written about their miracle ministries. I have picked five because they just stand out for me. Two of them were written by instructors in Bible school, one was a text that I had assigned in Bible School. The last two are just plain good ones. They are discussed in no particular order.

“Healing the Sick” by T. L. Osborn

T.L. Osborn was my favorite teacher. He was always so excited about God and how God showed Himself through miracles in TL’s ministry. The book Healing the Sick was one of his best books. Published by Harrison House 1986, [ISBN 0-89274-403-0]

Another book, Proof of God’s Love [ISBN 9-780879-43102], specifically addressed miracles. TL Taught by using real life examples of miracles and how they impacted the lives of those who witnessed them.

His style was very descriptive of the location, the attitudes of the people before and after seeing the miracles happen. He preached the Word of God in an uncompromised manner correctly making God the author of all miracles that happened. Miracles were the “advertising” that got the attention of the audience so the saving gospel of Jesus Christ would be believed.

“Miracles” by R. W. Shambach

R. W. Shambach was another of my Bible School teachers. His book Miracles [ISBN 0-89274-811-7] chronicles 50 years of his ministry. It was written a few years before his passing on to be with the Lord. He was a very outspoken man and did not mince words. He described incidents clearly and like TL, gave all the glory to God.

He used scripture to give the authority for the supernatural events that occurred in his meetings. Miracles followed his ministry and this gave him credibility with sometimes reluctant hosts in venues that ordinarily would not welcome a preacher. Everyone is interested in miracles even if the bearer of the story is someone you might not usually visit with. He used his fame to build a large ministry that continues today under the supervision of his family.

“Smith Wiggleworth Remembered” by W. Hacking

Smith Wigglesworth. He was once quoted as saying he only read one book: the Bible. He learned to read by reading the Bible and never felt the need to read anything else. Since Smith never wrote a book himself, we have those written by others to testify of the miracles in Wigglesworth’s ministry. The best of these is by W. Hacking: Smith Wigglesworth Remembered. It was published in 1972 by Harrison House in Tulsa OK and was a text I read in Bible School. One of the chapters “Divine Audacity” summed up Wigglesworth’s ministry. [ISBN 0-89274-203-8]

He was outspoken and very assertive while still a humble servant of God. Once a Methodist preacher came up for prayer and Wigglesworth instructed him to place his hand on his own back and rebuke the devil. The pastor was timid and spoke softly, Smith called out to him to speak with authority, loudly. Cast that devil out!  The man did and the malady left him instantly. Smith involved others and encouraged others to be bold. Books like On the Holy Spirit a compilation of Wigglesworth’s ministry will also be a blessing to you. [ISBN 0-88368-544-2]

“I Believe in Miracles” by Katherine Khulman

Katherine Khulman had a very successful miracle ministry in the early part of the 20th century. She founded the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel which is a major Pentecostal Denomination today. Her book I Believe in Miracles [ISBN 978-0-88270-657-3] sets out her ministry and her fervent belief that the supernatural power of God was just as available to us today as it was for the Apostles centuries ago. Her passion was missions and she sent hundreds of missionaries across the earth to bring the miracle power of God to the world.

“Miracles” by C. S. Lewis

The fifth book is by C.S. Lewis it is entitled Miracles [ISBN -10-0060653019] [in the public domain and widely available online] Lewis discusses at some length what miracles are and it is a good book to read before engaging in a discussion with an unbeliever about miracles. He helps us get to a place where both parties can agree on a point of discussion so arguments do not ensue.

Here is a quote: “The difference between the two views (those who believe in the supernatural and those who do not) might be expressed by saying that Naturalism gives us a democratic, Supernaturalism a monarchical, picture of reality. The Naturalist thinks that the privilege of ‘being on its own’ resides in the total mass of things, just as in a democracy sovereignty resides in the whole mass of the people. The Supernaturalist thinks that this privilege belongs to some things or (more probably) One Thing and not to others—just as, in a real monarchy, the king has sovereignty and the people have not. And just as, in a democracy, all citizens are equal, so for the Naturalist one thing or event is as good as another, in the sense that they are all equally dependent on the total system of things. Indeed each of them is only the way in which the character of that total system exhibits itself at a particular point in space and time. The Super-naturalist, on the other hand, believes that the one original or self-existent thing is on a different level from, and more important than, all other things.” Obviously we as Christians are the supernaturalists as we believe God is sovereign and He can and does perform miracles at His will.


In conclusion, I believe that a thorough search of scripture is the best place to start. Then you can read the experiences of the various authors to build your faith with real life examples. Finally C.S. Lewis’ work which has been reprinted numerous times is a good book to give you insight into reasons why some do not believe in miracles, and perhaps some insight in how to witness to them.

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