5 Signs You Are Being Called By God To Preach

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What are 5 signs that you are being called by God to preach?  What signs might you suggest?

An Inward Confirmation

I taught Sunday school for many years but after a while, it seemed that something was missing.  It was a gaping hole in my heart that it wasn’t enough, I needed to do more.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved teaching Sunday school for 3rd/4th graders (combined class) but I had this passionate desire to study the Word of God and then to pass on that knowledge to others. Every day I would listen to Bible teachers and grew to love learning from these men but most of the things I studied were a bit beyond the Sunday school level.  I had felt this for some time but I kept resisting it, thinking “Who do I think I am to be called for such a thing?”  I believe it was like Jeremiah 20:9 “there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, and I cannot.”  This fire was unquenchable.  I was going to explode if I couldn’t preach or teach others.  I was completely miserable thinking that I couldn’t do this.  I felt it so strongly that I didn’t care if I got paid or not…I had to preach!  It was like an irresistible pull. I truly believe now, looking back on this from the vantage point of many years now, it was God calling me. If God is not doing the calling, then it is not a true calling.

An Outward Confirmation

For many years, I had co-workers come up to me and ask me about things in the Bible or what I thought about their life’s circumstances.  Things like what can I do to save my marriage, I am struggling with pornography, I am battling an addiction and I just can’t overcome it.   I spent a lot of time researching these subjects and I had an overwhelming urge to go to seminary, which I did.  Time after time my friends, family, and mainly my co-workers told me that I’d make a great pastor because of the counsel that they received.  I didn’t rely on my own wisdom. I picked the brains of Christian marriage counselors, Bible teachers, and searched the Scriptures for biblical responses.  When I came as a guest to a church that wanted to create an Outreach, their pastor retired that very week and I was asked to fill the pulpit.  The church validated my inward calling by telling me that they sensed that God was calling me to be a pastor…their pastor!  I resisted this for a long time before they finally became exasperated and told me flat out, “You’re ignoring what God is trying to tell you!”

A Church’s Calling

When I came to the church I am at now to train them on evangelism and Outreach man years ago, as I mentioned, their pastor retired and I was asked to fill the pulpit and I did so, although reluctantly at first.  After a while, I felt such a sense of purpose, fulfillment, joy, and pleasure that I finally felt that I must have been called by God.  It was after a time filling the pulpit that the church ended their search for a pastor.  They called the church board to vote on ordaining me and by a total majority, they voted to ordain me and so the church ordained me and I had never been happier.  If you are called by God to be a pastor, God will open the door for you somewhere.  I didn’t open this door, God did.  God is the one who opens doors that no man can open (Rev 3:8).  If God doesn’t open the door for you to preach at a church, you might think about whether this is truly God’s calling or not, however He may give you some time to study, go to seminary, or He may be waiting for the best church to place you in because it is God Who places the members of the church where it pleases Him (1 Cor 12:18) and not where it pleases us because God always does what He pleases (Psalm 135:6).

In Inward Hunger

I touched on this before but I wanted to expand on this as a separate sign because before I was finally placed in a church by God I had this ravenous hunger to learn more about the Word of God.  Just reading the Bible wasn’t enough for me, although that is an essential sign too.  I wanted to dig deeper into the original languages that the Bible was written in; Hebrew, Greek, and some Aramaic.  I also wanted to learn about translations, transliteration, exegesis, hermeneutics, and more such areas of study.  Hermeneutics was especially of interest to me because it is that which is applied to the interpretation, or exegesis of Scripture.  Exegesis is the investigation into the history and origins of the text but it may also include the study of the historical and cultural backgrounds of the authors of the books of the Bible as well as a study of the text and the original audience.  Does that sound like something that interests you?  If so, it may be a sign that you are being called by God to be a pastor.

A Broken Heart for the Lost

This sign should be in every believer but it might even be more so with those being called into the pastorate.  If you care about people’s eternity so much that you’re willing to face rejection, scorn, ridicule, and persecution for the sake of sharing the gospel, you might have a calling from God.  Don’t get me wrong, we all are called to make disciples of all people (Matt 28:19-20) but this desire to rescue the perishing is something that cannot be contained.  You won’t even hesitate to witness to a total stranger.  Charles Spurgeon, one of the greatest preachers of all time and a man whose heart broke for the lost once said “If sinners be damned, at least let them leap to Hell over our dead bodies. And if they perish, let them perish with our arms wrapped about their knees, imploring them to stay. If Hell must be filled, let it be filled in the teeth of our exertions, and let not one go unwarned and unsprayed for.”  Is that what you feel?


If you have most or all of these signs and you are thoroughly convinced of them, then you may have already been called by God so I suggest, talk to others and see if they affirm this in you.  Look inwardly and see if you’d be totally miserable doing anything else but preaching.  Look to see if you an insatiable appetite to dig deep into the Word of God.  Does this calling seem to come from your church?  And finally, is there a heart that breaks for the lost and so much so that you’d be willing to witness to anyone for the sake of Christ?  If this is the case with you, then God may be calling you into the pastorate. Believe me, you won’t be able to ignore it, I guarantee that because it will be like a burning fire shut up in your bones and you’ll be weary trying to hold it in, for indeed, you cannot.

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Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman

Jack Wellman is a husband of a beautiful, godly wife, Martha, with two children and 7 grandchildren. He is a bi-vocational Pastor of the Mulvane Brethren Church in Mulvane Kansas but chiefly a sinner saved by grace. Jack is also the Senior Writer at http://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/author/jack/ What Christian Want To Know (WCWTK) whose mission is to equip, encourage, and energize Christians and to address questions about the believer’s daily walk with God and the Bible. WCWTK also desires to help believers to be active participants in the Great Commission. Jack has written several books which are available in hard copy as well as Kindle edition. Visit this link for his books: Jack Wellman Christian Author

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    1. Honestly I feel all these things, even to the extent that I cannot quit meditating on the word of God, if I do , I will fall sick, i will start losing concentration and coordination, the worst of it i will start being seriously depressed, but once I’m connected to God through studying and meditating on the word of God, I feel an unexplainable peace, joy and satisfaction, to the extent that I’m insensitive to my environment, a lot more to say on this experience, but i have to stop here for now, but i ha e one big challenge and question,:—– age, I feel it is a bit late for me to start my life career as a man of God, I’m almost 40years, how can that be? Please don’t you think that I should have stated earlier? Thanks you all for the information.

      1. Elijah it is never too late though you have missed certain seasons. All you need to do is start. I believe in restoration an I hope you do too. Abraham started off with God at 75yrs and got his promise fulfilled when he a 100yrs. That’s an encouraging story for you. Start Now Because Many Destinies Are Tied To Yours.

      2. Its never too late to start your “career with God”. Your career with God doesn’t end on earth until you lie in a grave. If anything, the older you are the more you have to share. Also remember, Peter was about 50 years old give or take some years and devoted the entire rest of his life to building the Church.

      3. Start, start, start, right where you are I need more of the word in me, I don’t care who brings the truth that Jesus told them to bring. I pray I see you in the streets, highways, byways, churches wherever God leads you. I’m excited for you.

    2. I think that even girls can be called to the ministry. Ministry includes more than pastorship. In fact, the first to tell others about Christ was a woman. Mary Magdalene, who was the first to see Christ after resurrection, was sent by Him to tell the disciples that He is risen. Besides, there were many women who served the cause of Christ.
      If you feel a burning desire for the Word of God and for the lost, go for it.
      Ask God to make it obvious for you that He’s calling you.
      Tell others about Christ. Try to get involved in missionary organizations.
      For more encouragement, see Philippians 4 : 2, 3;. Ephesians 4: 6; 1 Corinthians 12 : 4-10 16 : 19;
      Romans 16 : 1-4, 6, 12, 15; Ephesians 3:20; 2 Thimoty 2:21; 2 Thessalonians 1 : 11.
      I hope this has helped you.
      God bless you and remember, God can use you for His Glory!

      1. Thank you “A Child of God.” Yes, no doubt God uses women in ministries, so being a faithful witness of Christ is one of those things. We are all called to do that but this article was more about being called to preach and not about women being excluded in God’s work, because we know they are part of the ministry of Jesus.

      2. I know the article spoke about ‘the calling to preach’. I ment to answer Stephanie Ofefagha, as she was asking what she should do next. However, I accidentally posted it here instead of giving her a direct replay.

    1. Many people didn’t know how to preach, in fact we have great men of God who were stammerers but to day you won’t believe them if they tell you they were! You talk everyday with people and discuss many things why not the word. Start by sharing the word in small groups and with the people around you. Moses of the Bible and Bishop Oyedepo(just 2 e.g. there are numerous) of our time broke through, you can breakthrough too.

  1. First you quoted why a women shouldn’t preach then your next comment talks of the women at the well doing just that. Ask yourself why was it that the first people Jesus showed himself to after resurrection were women and he told them to “go tell the others of the good news”? There’s your proof.

    1. Wow. So biblical proof of a woman being allowed to be ordained as a pastor is simply to be a witness to the resurrection? So were the Roman guards…so were the angels…but that doesn’t mean they are preachers. There were also over 500 witnessed Christ after His resurrection. Friend, this is no proof at all. Can you give me a Bible verse where it says “those who witnessed the resurrection” or were the first to tell others about Jesus’ resurrection qualifies them to be a pastor? That’s no proof. Please provide chapter and verse and I will believe. To “go and tell others” is not the same thing as being a pastor of a church! Unless I am convinced by Scripture, which Scripture says only a man can be a pastor, then I am not going to believe what you wrote. I need biblical proof, not assumptions.

  2. Sir, please help.. I am ‘ving this urge and hearing ( in form of conversations) that I am been spoken to. First that my PhD programme was blocked so that I could heed His call. A lot of revelations concerning my family. He will wake me up at midnight to pray. He even asked me to quit my job.
    Sir, I need your counselling.

    1. Do u have a church home-that is rooted in bible-based teaching and the doctrines of the principles of Christ according to Hebrews 6:1&2? If not, I’d suggest that you start there and ask the pastor who are/would be the sheperd of your soul to give you counsel and keep seeking God’s face on your own-consecration to the fullest: there IS an answer! He will give it to you.

  3. I have a calling I can’t explain. What is weird is I’m not a religious person in any way. If anything I try my best to disprove all I can. I don’t understand any of this. Have had this calling my whole life in my 40’s now. The older I get the more it bugs me. I’m seeking advice. But please be mindful I’m not religious at all.

    1. Thank you Robert. Christianity isn’t about being “religious” but about having a relationship with Jesus Christ, so unless a person has repented of their sins and trusted in Christ, they cannot have a ministry for God. Jesus was critical of the “religious Jews” of the day so it’s not about being religious but about being a follower of Christ and He tells us what our ministry should be (Matt 25:34-40). Have you talked with your pastor about this Robert?

      1. Then I have a problem. I am student of history. There are things I just can’t accept. I’m not Christian or any faith. This calling is what I’m trying to understand. Im drawn to the church for some reason. So how do you help a person with no faith. With this calling. It makes no sense to me. I appreciate any advice on this.

        1. I see your point Robert. I am sorry I missed it sir. Then you are seeking to find your purpose through your vocational calling? A person who has no faith but feels drawn because they feel a calling could well be God’s calling you. I know of several people who have felt drawn to God but they didn’t have faith. It was confusing…only later did they realize it was the seed of faith that was planted that drew them and made them search for their purpose in life, and that took root in a local church and today, one man I know of is a pastor of that church. I pray for you sir that you find your purpose in life and that calling, whatever it is. (PS, I too am a BIG fan of history).

  4. Honestly I feel all these things, even to the extent that I cannot quit meditating on the word of God, if I do , I will fall sick, i will start losing concentration and coordination, the worst of it i will start being seriously depressed, but once I’m connected to God through studying and meditating on the word of God, I feel an unexplainable peace, joy and satisfaction, to the extent that I’m insensitive to my environment, a lot more to say on this experience, but i have to stop here for now, but i ha e one big challenge and question,:—– age, I feel it is a bit late for me to start my life career as a man of God, I’m almost 40years, how can that be? Please don’t you think that I should have stated earlier? Thanks you all for the information.

    1. Wow. I didn’t realize that my friend. As for your age, Moses didn’t begin his ministry until he was 80 years of age! It is never to late to do something for God. They way you feel about the Word of God is much like a preacher’s internal, overwhelming, fire-in-the-bosom fire that Jeremiah spoke about. I would speak with a pastor about this right away. Some of the greatest men of God didn’t begin until 40 or more. I myself didn’t enter into the ministry until I was older than you are now.

      1. Jack, first of all I would like to say thank God for using you to encourage and direct me and many other people in this forum on this matter, because sometimes I feel ” is this really God inspiring me,communicating with me even through my own thoughts?” In fact , to me if this is not God, I think I’m really in a big trouble in this life, because, I cannot just think or meditate on any other thing apart from the word of God , from morning till night, from night till morning , even when I wake up in the middle of the night, if I stay awake in the middle of the night for say 2, 3 or 4 minutes before going back to sleep, all I can find occupying my heart is the word of God , until I go back to sleep again, not only the word of God, but also some inspirations even on what I have studied and meditated on, most times I would be kept awake and busy by these inspirations, and I would be putting them down until I sleep off again . I know that what I’m saying here will be difficult to understand or believe, but that is just the truth, sometimes I even find it difficult to understand these things myself, I mean these things that are going on in me, to the extent that sometimes I do ask myself “Jeremiah, are you sure that you are still normal?”, coz my name is also Jeremiah, though I do receive lots of inspirational answers for this question through my own thoughts ,but they are not what I can explain here. But for God to prove to me that I’m still normal, whenever I’m talking with someone, unconsciously I will begin to share these spiritual truths that God has being filling my heart with, and before I could realize what is going on ,the person would ask me ” are you a pastor or an evangelist?” In most cases I would become embarrassed, but the good news is that they would be enjoying my messages and what I’m sharing with them, and they would tell me that these truths are so real.

        Like I said earlier that if this is not God inspiring me , then I’m in the worst trouble on this earth, I said that because I don’t know of any other thing that I can understand and enjoy better than studying and meditating on the word of God , and the best of it is the peace that those inspirational thoughts bring to me, but my main reason of thinking that I’m in a real trouble if it is not God , is that every minute, in everything I do, in everything I see, or listen to or even movies, in every where I am , even in everything happening around me, I will be receiving some thoughts on how the word of God explains those things, that is how those actions, events or circumstances that are happening in this world relate to the word of God ,in most cases I would be referred even to the verses in the bible which explain these things that I see or experience or see people doing or experiencing, in fact these thoughts suffocate me a lot, to the extent that I have no other options than to start writing them down, that is what I’m being taught and shown, because I cannot memorize it all, more over I always have this thought that ,” these teachings are not just for me, but for the benefit of many others”, now even though that I have written so many things that I could call books, but the question is still “am I writing Christian books as who? as a pastor ? But I know I’m not one, As a reverend father? , I know I’m not, as who then? , yet I know right in my heart that what I have written and still writing ,- that is what I’m being taught is very true vital and precious ,and i know that I’m writing them not by my own will or because I chose to, but because if I fail to pay attention to those thoughts, then any other thing I divert to , I will never be able to concentrate on it or even to understand it, even if someone is talking to me as I’m receiving these thoughts I will find it difficult to give the person attention , just as if these meditation and thoughts are Silva and gold to me ,Though shortly before I started having these inspirational knowledge of the word of God ,I was actually given a bible in the dream by a little baby ,in that dream I was ready a circular book , either a news paper or a novel, then the little baby came and took the news paper from me and gave me a bible and told me ” I will fill and load you with this, and she was pointing at the bible,” then I woke up. etc—- a lot to say on this , because a lot really happened, but i wish and hope you can understand me from the ones that I’m able to say already, But my problem is that I don’t know where and how to start , though all these experiences that I narrated above really took years, and I believe that those are period of preparation, that is God preparing me, to the extent that I was totally disassociated from all my friends, just me and the word of God , just me and my bible, though it was later and years after and even now that I realize why God did it that way, so that I could give him attention, but then it really bothered me , coz I was seeing myself as someone who is living an abnormal life, and most of my friends see me as someone who is living an abnormal life too, but the joy and peace that I derive from my relationship with God even as I was isolated and disassociated from friends can never be compared in any way with that which any friend can give—-a lot more to say on this, but please I really have to stop here. One more thing that keeps confusing and instilling doubt in me is that I have been to many churches and prophets and visionist , yet none of them had ever mentioned to me that I have a call, only one prophet though—– But once again , please I really need help, I will appreciate it if you will help me and suggest to me how I can start this?, please also remember me in prayers .thank you a lot for this forum and for your Ernest concern .

  5. we all are called to minister the world of God both male and female,so we all have to understand the reason for the call some are called to preach,pray,see visions,heal the sick,make peace.
    woman do share in these calling but excluding the name pastor.

    1. Should I say that I have seen God people maybe wouldn’t believe me and I would feel so shameful because some would think that I am craze and I need to see a doctor or just need a help in general

      However my point is for everything you have written it’s not about you alone you have just written the whole a lot story about me as well.

      In several manners I sense Jesus and sometimes when I look into mountains I feel like he’s up their and i am talking to him,during night I often wake up and just start praying and smiling even crying while feeling the presents of God

      I have been involved in healings and preaching both done during my sleeping time this has been happening for a long time now.

      They is strong feeling in my heart and body right now as I am writhing this I feel like quitting my job and start preaching everywhere about Jesus sometimes I see visions and dreams but I don’t really writes them down but when something after sometime that’s where I remember where I saw it before it came to pass

      I always ask myself is this kind of calling from God or I am seek maybe kind of mental illness

      I have been going to church for several times but these past 5 months I haven’t it pains me a lot when I look at myself because its like I am out and I don’t enjoy my work anymore because its like a barrier for me it stops me from going to church and share the good news with my fellow church members

      Sometimes when I close my eyes I always imagine and see Jesus it takes me time that imagination to disappear and I feel humble and act strange when that happens I become so much concern about my fellows and start apologising for everything

      Even sometimes I try to bring up a story about Jesus and tell many fellow workmanship they always asked me if I ever thought of becoming a preacher I hide to tell them the truth because I feel as if they laugh at me instead my answer becomes long time back I had that feeling but it just vanished and I am only 32 years of age

      My question is must I say that God is calling me or its just a feeling and my mind is playing with me if yes its my mind till when will this thing end I have many things to tell about what is happening to me in my dreams but somehow it seems craze because I don’t see it as if its for me like really healing people and praying for them it just sounds craze but that’s what I always see and feel in my dreams

      Please help me what is this all about

  6. According to the 5 signs listed above I am now satisfied with my walk with God. All these signs applies to me. I must conclude and confirm that God is calling me for a purpose preaching His Word. Thank you LORD!!!

  7. According to the 5 signs listed above I am now satisfied with my walk with God. All these signs apply to me. I must conclude and confirm that God is calling me for a purpose of preaching His Word. Thank you LORD!!!

  8. I feel like the Holy Spirit gives me incredible insight into his Word. I have a desire to teach but I’m not sure if it’s God telling me or my own flesh wanting recognition or validation from others. I am also beginning to hurt for people who aren’t saved but I could be more loving and also more humble. When I talk to people about the word of God I feel like God gives me words to say to encourage them and one time someone told me “every time I talk to you I’m encouraged and excited to serve God more. I know He loves me now because he spoke this to me through you.” That’s exactly what I want!!! I know I’m very wise but I’m not involved in my church at all, I want to start a bible study but I don’t know how. Could it be that God is preparing me during this time of waiting? I’ve been a Christian for about 5 years, but I backslid and only got serious and gave my whole life to Him 1 yr ago.. How do I know what my gifts are? How do I know for sure if I’m supposed to teach crowds or just live a normal life and encourage others individually? Please pray for me!! Thank you 🙂

    1. Hello Courtney. It sounds to me like God does want to use you. What a great woman’s Bible study teacher you would be! Talk with your pastor about this. Our church has a ladies Bible study on Mon nights. I will pray for God to direct you and may God richly bless you in whatever you do for His glory.

    2. Hi Courtney

      I am trying to be in your shoes so that I can help you to understand little about your concern

      It start with a desire and passion towards God’s words for someone to start feeding people with the words of God

      Your soul really wishes but the body may not its a conflict between your physical and spiritual thought but I can advise you is never stop praying and asking God to direct you because the more you pray its the more ur desire to preach grows and you feel so powerful and exalted as if its not you
      God has got a purpose for your life and he will surely reveal it to you

      It takes a courage to follow and desiring God in our lives because many things happens really opposite from what we want

      I believe that God wouldn’t allow you to miss such a chance of spreading his words instead he will equip you and prepare your journey into the mission of spreading the gospel

      Its not about going to church always but how it means for you to wear Jesus in your heart wherever you’re

      Just have a faith that sooner than later God will show you what he really wants you to do

  9. Jack..Am very confused at the moment if truly the calling is from God. 1. I mostly preached in a bus when going to work, exhort the Word of God with my colleagues at school and work place. I have been given opportunity to fill the pulpit once in a church in my area. Eager to dig deep. But am confused at the moment because it has come to a point the course am pursuing currently, my work schedule in limiting me now and i feel like God is not happy with me. Finally have been settling disputes from people going to wrong way of life and now they have found peace in the House of God. Please is this a true sign of calling? Thank you

    1. Hello Michael. I believe this may be the enemy wanting to discourage you or the defining moment of are you really called or not. I see you have a gift at counseling or being a peace maker. That’s critical for the House of God. I believe that is what people kept telling me when they came to before I was ordained, they said, “Hey, Jack, what do you think about….” and they would often say, “Hey, you’d make a great pastor with your counseling skills” but I tell them, it is from God’s Word. I have nothing to tell them except what the Bible teaches, so anyway, if it is a burden from God, nothing can stop it, but if the cares of the world overcome this burning desire, then God may not be calling you. That counseling or being a peace maker indicates you have a place in the body, but where that is, I don’t know, but I will pray and ask God to reveal that to you as clear as crystal. Okay sir?

      1. Thank you very much for the reply Pastor. I don’t want to be like Gideon who requested so many evidence from the angels. I was encouraged by a colleague who nearly entered the wrong side of life buy by the Power of the Holy Spirit I counselled and encourage him and now he has grow in the knowledge of the Word. when I asked him. He said he was disappointed in me because i shouldn’t have asked him such question because there is no evidence or sign again to show that am called by God. Pastor please did the Holy Spirit spoke through my colleague as a confirmation.?? Above all, By the help of the Holy Spirit I mostly teach the Word of God to brethren’s who are around me as well. Looking forward to hear from you again. God bless.

        1. Michael, I would not use one colleague’s voice as God speaking. God confirms a thing by two or three witnesses. It is not taught that one man can tell another man what God spoke to him for them. That would be like me having my cousin calling my friend for me. Why would I do that? I’d rather speak to my friend firsthand, and besides, if it’s a so-called “God spoke to me about you and….” then run as fast as you can, because God has already spoken to us in His Word and in the multitude of counselors, there is wisdom. I hope I have helped sir. If it is God’s will for you to do something, nothing created in heaven or earth can stop it!

  10. Pastor currently am pursuing a database administration course and will complete level 1 in three months time. I have decided not to continue the level 2 of my course but go to bible school to pursue pastoral course. Pastor please is this a right decision making in my life? because I really have the passion for God’s ministry.

    1. Ask these questions:

      Does it glorify God?

      Is it lawful?

      Is it like a fire in your heart if you don’t do it?

      Will you explode inside if you can’t do it?

      If you could have enough money to do what you want, would this be the thing that you’d want to do the most?

      Does it align with Scripture?

      Is it so overwhelming that you’d take a great risk to do it?

      Do you believe that great risks bring great rewards?

      Will it be costly for you to do it?

      Another possibility is that God may be using you to preach the gospel, right where you are, in the workplace. Paul, being a tentmaker, had lots of interaction with the unsaved public, but he also knew that “necessity is laid upon me. Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel” (1 Cor 9:16). Paul confidently went to Troas and “When I came to Troas to preach the gospel of Christ [and] even…a door was opened for me in the Lord, (2nd Cor 2:12). Wherever Paul went, he brought the gospel with him. In the synagogue or temple, in the public square, in the market place, to the Greeks on Mar’s Hill, and even into the prisons. There, he had a rotating captive audience being chained to Roman guards.

      I cannot tell my friend what he should do. God knows his heart. I don’t. God knows what is best for him. God alone knows all of His will for that man’s life. I think he’s wise to pray and fast and seek counsel because there’s safety in a multitude of counselors (Prov 11:14). One thing is certain. God will never reveal any more of His will for our lives until we obey the revealed will in His Word and we know that “this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality” (1st Thess 4:3), “Therefore do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is” (Eph 5:17) and the way you do that is to “not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect” (Rom 12:3).

  11. Friend, I cannot tell you what God’s will is for your life. No one can. God will in His time, but the fact that you even have a desire to go to seminary may be a sign He is calling you to the pastorate, but I don’t know for sure. Your passion and hunger to learn the Bible are strong indicators to me. I have written and counseled about this and then condensed this into a blog not long ago. Please read this sir: http://jackwellman.blogspot.com/#!/2016/05/how-to-know-if-its-gods-will-for-your.html

  12. The Lord will bring back to you, in seven fold, the light He uses you to bring to people in Jesus name.

    I have been told by about four Ministers of God, one being a prophet, that I have a call of God upon my life. Severally, strangers have addressed me as pastor without any physical indications to suggest being one – even a mad woman called me that as she begged for money.

    A very long time ago, I saw myself on board a plane in a dream, where a divine being asked me to get into the cockpit to fly it.

    In a dream, a prophet poured anointing oil on my head till I was almost got drenched. Still, I had several encounters with Bishop Oyedepo in the dream. In the last one, he held my head and breath fire into it. I still felt the fire on my forehead even after I woke up.

    I remember the Lord waking me up one night and He referred me to Isaiah 41:2, at the time was still looking for a life partner. I wondered if it was the call. When I met my wife, she told me that men of God said she was going to marry a man of God.

    I’m an artist by training and I minister in the Church as a Sunday school teacher.

    I’m a very talented artist with an inventive mind. I have a lot of great ideas that I believe people will benefit from, but when I think about everything, I get a bit confused.

    Pastor, from all these, do you think I have been called to be a preacher? Or, am I called to do something else?

    Please help.

    1. Hello Joshua. I cannot tell you if God has called you into the ministry sir, but I can say that if it was the hardest thing in the world to do, but you’d still do it, even at great cost, then you may be called because it is such an overwhelming feeling that you cannot be satisfied either way. It prompted me several years ago to return to school and seminary, in particular. I see you are very talented, but we all best remember Paul’s humbling words (1 Cor 4:7). I will pray that God reveals this to you and that you re-read this in much prayer too, and the Scriptures above all in this article, are the most important factor in your decision; not what I think or you think. God’s will is always supreme, and we want to be in it, but if God is calling you to something, He will find a door for you to walk through too, so just pray, seek your pastor’s counsel, and God will reveal this sir.

  13. please I’m enjoying ,but I need ur answer to this my question.pls I always have the experience of failing in spirite

  14. My name is Raphael Robert frm Sokoto, i hv this challenges that said am a pastor when am 20yrs but now 35yrs by a prophet and 4 my challenge i face so many prblm but when i was 25yrs i hv a visn in my room on d wall written PASTOR all around me n apart frm that hvng several prbm with accidt, not dead even if i wnt so bcos of wahala no gud job now i hv a dream that said hv not done my wrk, prophsy by known missnary pstr in chrch this weeks 18.10.017; am confuse i do all d wrk in chrch but pastr wrk i do divr but now dong media wrk. my majr challenge problm tht make me run is pstr. Challge is 1. Women why wmn bcos whn it come 2 counselng some stpd one cause nakd half nude chest dresng seem no prblm, bendng dwn 4 there buttk to b tempted both offices or whn there husd are not around then 2 pst 4 delvrce. And that what invr in pst wrk n when startd no paymt 4 strt. i will b grtfl to hear ur reply thanks.

  15. My name is Raphael Robert, i hv this challenges that said am a pastor when am 20yrs but now 35yrs by a prophet and 4 my challenge i face so many prblm but when i was 25yrs i hv a visn in my room on d wall written PASTOR all around me n apart frm that hvng several prbm with accidt, not dead even if i wnt so bcos of wahala no gud job now i hv a dream that said hv not done my wrk, prophsy by known missnary pstr in chrch this weeks 18.10.017; am confuse i do all d wrk in chrch but pastr wrk i do divr but now dong media wrk. my majr challenge problm tht make me run is pstr. Challge is 1. Women why wmn bcos whn it come 2 counselng some stpd one cause nakd half nude chest dresng seem no prblm, bendng dwn 4 there buttk to b tempted both offices or whn there husd are not around then 2 pst 4 delvrce. And that what invr in pst wrk n when startd no paymt 4 strt. i will b grtfl to hear ur reply thanks.

  16. My name is Raphael Robert, i hv this challenges that said am a pastor when am 20yrs but now 35yrs. I was prphsy by a prophet and 4 my challenge i face was so many prblm but when i was 25yrs i hv a visn in my room on d wall written PASTOR all around me n apart frm that hvng several prbm with accidt, not dead, even if i wnt so bcos of wahala no gud pay job, now i hv a dream that said hv not done my wrk, frm one ministr of God prophsy by known missnary evangl in my chrch this weeks 18.10.017; am confuse i do all d wrk in chrch but pastr wrk i do divr but now am doing media wrk, cleaning glasses. my majr challenge problm tht make me run is pstr. Challge is 1. Women, why wmn bcos whn it come 2 counselng stpd one cause nakd half nude chest, skirt dresng seem no prblm, bendng dwn 4 there buttk to tempt both offices n congrtn or whn there husd are not around then, they wnt to pst 4 delvrce. And that what disgrc pst n when startd no paymt 4 strt n so on. i will b grtfl to hear ur reply Sir/Madam thanks.

    1. Hello Raphael. I would not pay attention to a man said you are pastor and prophesying by a prophet which is all false. If this man were truly a prophet, you would have been a prophet, but since even failing one time shows that he is not of God, this man is deceived, and if he’s a prophet, he’s a false prophet. I fear this church is in trouble if the pastor doesn’t see anything wrong with the way those women dressed, but men also cause women to stumble by the way they dress, but I would not call anyone names, like stupid, which you did. You may have to find another church but as for are there still prophets and the qualifications of prophets, please read this: https://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/how-to-identify-a-false-prophet-or-teacher/

  17. Thank you for writing this. I know I am called to preach and I am already preaching in my church. It was totally God because one day I got put on the preaching schedule and I have been preaching since. I didn’t even ask (even though I wanted to). The main struggle I have right now is that I have a deep desire to preach all over the place, not just in my church. I am so grateful and excited to preach in my church and don’t want it to be about me, but I also have this overwhelming desire to preach to the world. I had a couple of visions throughout the last few years but sometimes doubt. I know God has a plan and know I should keep trusting Him. I guess I could just use some prayer and needed to get this out.

  18. More anointing Pastor.

    Calvary greeting to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,

    My name is unice a female about 40 years plus Pastor, pls about few months ago i had a dream that my General overseer wanted to do open crusade so he was on the podium outside praying, people have not yet come then, so i just had him called my name so i quickly ran to meet him he now told me to go and open the big gate for people to enter that i should padlock the small one outside, i now ask him again what did you say sir? like 3 times just to be sure of what he said he told me the samething i now went inside to take the gate keys, money and umbrella before i came out i had someone called my name from outside that i should come and open gate i now ran out from the room i was and open the gate for them to come in and i noticed one video camera man came in too he was now asking what people wants i saw my husband infront of the video camera he said he want divorce and another person came that he wants seperation i now look unto heaven when i had what my husband said that what a shame to me i now went to sit down somewhere and one of my friend in the lord asked me that did my husband told me he bought a car where he was before? i said No, my friend now wanted to go and meet him with annoyance i said no dont go lets handed over everything to God to judge i now woke up. someone was now telling me that i have a call of God.

    Today Pastor, i had a dream that people were singing praise and me and some people were blowing Trumpet and i heard one of them called my name and told someone that i did very well i now woke up i told one of my christian friend again he said i have a call of God upon my life that i should go and start evangelism now. pastor please i want you to help shed more light. thank you sir.

    1. Hello my friend. Dreams are so random that we cannot possibly interpret them. There is no gift of dream interpretation and even Joseph and Daniel acknowledged that it is God Who interprets dreams so I cannot do this but I recommend you read this about dreams and what they might mean at this link: https://www.whatchristianswanttoknow.com/what-do-dreams-and-visions-mean-today/ I think this will help you sir. By the way. we are all called to be evangelists as part of the Great Commission (Matt 28:18-20).

  19. 😭😭😭this is soo sad,
    My heart is paining for the people who aren’t saved, it pains me day by day but my wish is going all over the world to the place which is even people fear to go , i don’t care when I die befor I win the millions of soul but I don’t know how should I do my dreams to come true, help me

  20. I was like you kind of. I started teaching the adult sun day class years ago and people told me I was preaching instead of teaching. I didn’t listen and god moved me and my family to a couple other churches and the same happened, until I got to where I’m at now. The holy spirit spoke through the pastor about being called and giving in and I felt the spirit so thick I couldn’t deny. I had ran for so long from this and I knew it deep in my soul, but feared of the calling, and kept thinking how could I be worthy. I’ve spoken with my pastor since then and have gotten up and preached, but it didn’t go as good as I would have expected it. I feel like I have failed the father and that I’ve mistaken what he is calling me to do. But I want to get back up there and try again, because he’s spoke so many things to me, but how do I know for sure this is what I’m supposed to do.

    1. Hello Joe. I noticed you said “I feel like I have failed the father” but really, to not do it again would be real failure. I was very bad my firs sermon, but if you stay faithful to preaching verse by verse, that’s where the power is anyway. I have no power like the Word of God (Rom 1:16; 1 Cor 1:18) so trust God’s Word, His power, and His Spirit and you’ll be fine my friend. Stick to it!

  21. Hello Joe, I am a junior Pastor to my husband when I got married to him I was already a Pastor but still new in my calling, all of a sudden I feel that I am not doing enough for God, I am not doing things I use to do as far as ministry work is concerned. I am tired of the title because title will not take me to heaven but doing what I was called to do will make me a fulfilled Christian. I sometimes feel like not going to church at all or visit another church and be a church member, sometimes I even doubt if I am really called. I do try to keep myself busy by implementing new departments at church (with my husband’s permission), like worship dance etc I find myself preaching there, in the morning devotions its the same, at work I don’t have conversations except preaching. I do counselling as well, people come to me with their problems others ask me to mentor them which I do but still I am not fulfilled. sometimes I feel like resigning from my job and go to a far place and do the work of God. sometimes I get so frustrated that I become so emotional but after I have prayed I get better but something is really missing but I cant’s put a finger of what I am not doing right.

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