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As Christians, we often tend to think that we are in our own little world. It’s hard to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone, so we stay with our church friends or we stay where we are in life. But sometimes we need a little push. A push to think differently, a push to overcome an obstacle. Hearing a preacher talk about a subject while you’re in church may be just what you need, but sometimes God speaks to us through videos. Here are six Christian videos that will make you think.

Interview with Satan

This video made by Life.Church features an interview with “Satan.” Satan says in the video that he’s great at causing division in the church by creating problems and arguments through everyday scenarios. As Christians, we are supposed to have unity with each other. We are supposed to lift one another up instead of arguing about subjects like secular music and drinking alcohol. Although those subjects may be important to you, it does no good to argue with your brothers and sisters about it. The point is to create unity with our brothers and sisters in Christ in order to strengthen our faith.

Spiritual Whirlwinds

In a video made by the Mormon Channel, a tree learns to grow strong in the tough winds that it has been set in. The winds encourage the tree to make the trunk and roots stronger for winds that will indeed return. When the winds start churning in your own life, do you feel yourself start to fall over or are your roots planted firmly in Christ? Whirlwinds will try to uproot you from your walk, and sometimes you may not even notice it. But when your faith is rooted firmly in God, He becomes your foundation. You will not fall over. You’ll grow stronger.

Skit Guys – Check the Box

This next video, filmed by the Skit Guys, uses an age-old communication skill: checking a box ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ The Skit Guys use this to illustrate how God feels about His children. How does checking a box yes or no relate to how God feels about you? How do you even know how God feels about you? Well, God already checked the box ‘yes.’ In Isaiah, God says that He has our names written on the palm of His hand. Later, God sent His only son to die just for you. Whenever you feel lonely or like God doesn’t care about you, just look to His Word. There are countless verses that capture just how much He loves you.

How to Talk Like a Christian

This video by Blimey Cow really made me think. Is this how us Christians sound to non-believers? Why do we have our own little language? A bulk of the language Christians use seems to be a cover-up for what they actually mean in order to not sound like a “bad Christian.” Some phrases we learn in church, some we come up with to make ourselves look better. But making ourselves look and sound better to others shouldn’t be our aim. In fact, the language we use should be clearly understood by non-believers. Maybe then we’ll be able to clearly communicate the Gospel.

How to Look Like a Perfect Christian

In another video by Blimey Cow, the group dives into what some Christians say and do to make themselves look like great Christians. We do things like taking selfies while adding a Bible verse caption, and offering to pray to make ourselves look like the better person. Why don’t we do these things out of the kindness and love of our hearts instead for our own personal gain? The video tackles other subjects like feeling sad when we “shouldn’t,” or how we let others know we’re sad on Facebook. Sharing your feelings with people is great, but why not share those feelings with people that could really help you out of a rut?

10 Things Christians Should Stop Saying

Jeff Bethke highlights ten things that he thinks Christians should stop saying in this video. Things like “God is my co-pilot,” and “everything happens for a reason” are just a few sayings that Bethke has a problem with. Bethke tackles what these sayings really mean and how some of them may even be hurtful to others. We don’t need fancy sayings to get our points across. As Christians, we should say what we mean and say it with love.

Do these videos have you thinking? Do you speak Christianese or offer to pray in big groups to look like the better Christian? We’re all guilty for praying to get attention and not grounding our roots in Christ. But when we do get grounded, everything else falls into place. We don’t want the same earthly attention anymore because the love and affection we get from our Lord is above anything else that this world could provide.

Rebekah Yoder attends Liberty University. You can find her online here, or connect with her on Twitter or Instagram.

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