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Why Digital? Which Church Apps?

The vast digital bubble surrounding our world like an invisible force-field hasn’t burst and surely won’t for the foreseeable future. All across the world, across multiple sectors and expressions of church, within a wide variety of ministries and a multiplicity of businesses, digital renovations are happening continuously. Churches are recognising that they need new app presences, charities are accepting that they need to evolve with social media amplification, online resources are popping up constantly and leaders are trying to keep up with the latest technologies.

Surveying this wide panoramic landscape of digital applications, it’s important to be able to sift out the gold from the grit so that our time spent online is beneficial and not burdensome. This is as true for the corporate body of the church as it is for our own personal health.

Therefore, here are six apps that I believe will be of benefit to your church whether in preaching ministry and study, worship or smooth administration.

Six Great Apps for Your Church

1)    Sermon of the Day – This is a great place to start: whether your church ministry style includes  deeper, reformed theological expository teaching or seeker-sensitive ‘wisdom for life’ sound bites with emphases on mission and community, we all need to be lovers of the Bible! More than being lovers of it, we need to intentionally cultivate corporate (and personal) lifestyles of Psalm 1 where we become like ‘trees planted by streams of water, yielding its fruit in season.’ Regardless of how your church communicates stylistically, this quality app will help you to be healthy ‘self-feeders’ whether in small groups, within your family devotions or completely on your own.

2)    Planning Centre – I have used this app a lot in recent months within a large worship team setting and found it very helpful for my personal administration. Whether you’re leading a team of 5 or 50, it really offers a great way of communicating with team members, requesting/accepting serving slots and sharing service details to aid preparation. If you’re looking to lift the level of your team’s planning culture, I definitely recommend rolling this out ASAP.

3)    Dropbox – I’d be surprised if you hadn’t already come across this legendary app that can seriously help you to share your own files across multiple devices, making them available wherever you are and whatever you’re working on. It’s a great app for helping with line-managing staff who may be working remotely so that work progress can be monitored and evaluated.

4)    We Transfer – If you’re a church (or want to be) who excel in high-quality visuals in photography and film – you know, those massive files that are impossible to send via email – then I would look no further than this fantastic app/platform. Very intuitive and pleasant on the eye, it allows you to share large files up to 2gb in size, meaning that sending those high-resolution photo files and new glossy promo videos are no longer a problem.

5)    Church Metrics – None of us are silly enough to think that the churches we’re involved in leading are all about numbers, but, equally, we’re all motivated by reaching as many people as we can with the life-changing news of the gospel! This app will provide you with valuable metic/insight into how your church is growing that will drive you forward into new realms of fruitful decision-making.

6)    Music Stand – If you’re a musician and worship leader like me, you’re going to love this! We’ve all experienced meetings with what feel like thousands of copies of music, orders of service and other notes piled up by your feet. Sometimes can’t remember what comes next or you get flustered if you have to go back to another song that was used earlier in the meeting. By contrast, this app will allow you to organise all of your music (and other files) into one easy-to-swipe-place so that you can keep calm and organised when you’re leading your team and church.

Nick Franks is a blogger/song-writer living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Learning to love as he should, Nick is engrossed in what it might look like to live a contagious life of worship and prayer, finding and leaving signposts for the Kingdom along the way. Nick sweats under his eyes when he eats too much cheese, adores Liverpool FC and has a strong preference for Earl Grey leaf tea. Nick is married to Mairi. 

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