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The fact that I arrived here on time despite all this traffic is a miracle!

This is my miracle baby!

This relationship with (insert him or her here) has been a miracle to me!

The term “miracle” can have every association attached to it from the smallest conceivable details of our lives to major joyous event that may have happened to us. The Latin root for miracle means “object of wonder” or to “wonder at.” These supernatural occurrences can often seem so supernatural and out of the ordinary that we often fail to ponder, are miracles always positive events?

Miracles of Influence

Jesus was the pioneer of miracles, he was the man, the influencer of his time. Jesus often used miracles throughout the bible to establish faith in the heart of the doubter, to establish trust in the heart of the unbeliever and ultimately, he used miracles to reveal his glory and his majestic sovereignty.

When Jesus spoke in a crowd of many or to a man of one, people listened. If he was around in today’s time, we would say he dropped the mic. In him was full power and if he wanted a miracle to occur on the other end of that mic stand he could have produced it. Why? Well, one did not have to be in close proximity to Jesus to receive a miracle from him.

In the book of John, we get some up close and personal details of Jesus miracle performing abilities as we meet this royal official who had heard about Jesus and went to seek him out because his son was sick and nearing death. He met Jesus along the road and told Jesus about his sons’ ailments. Jesus simply replied ‘Go, your son will live’ (John 4:50). This royal man of authority took God at his word and fled the scene. When the royal neared closer to his home, some of his servants saw him in the distance and ran to tell him that his son was alive. He wanted to know the exact timestamp his son regained consciousness because he wanted to give Jesus the credit that was due. When the servant told him the time, it synced up with the time Christ said the word “go.” The Bible says because of this miracle his whole house believed in Jesus Christ. A positive event? Check.

We witness another miracle recorded in Matthew Chapter 9, Mark Chapter 5 and Luke Chapter 8. These Biblical accounts in the New Testament tell of a woman who was struggling with bleeding for several years. She, unlike the royal who may have had the funds to travel far, the strength of his money and no doubt a royal diet that kept him healthy, this unnamed woman was most likely impoverished, depleted and down to her final bouts of strength. She could spot Jesus in the distance, but he was so popular that everywhere he went he had fans of people following him. So, she thought to herself “He is so close, but so far. I probably won’t be able to have a proper one to one consultation with him today, there are just too many people around him, but if only I can touch him, that should be sufficient enough to heal me.” And so, as he neared, she desperately reached out and touched the hems of his clothing and was instantly healed. Jesus realizing, he had healed this woman, turned around and told her to “go in peace.” Positive event? Two checks.

Miracles as Testimonies

There are over 35 more miracles similar to their stories recorded in our New Testament Bible, all seemingly positive and welcomed events. Several times when Jesus performed his miracles he used the verb ‘go’ upon completion of the miracle to signal something to the recipient: action. It is important to remember here that miracles are not for ourselves, it is not just for us to look up, stare and wonder in awe about the event that happened to us. Miracles are our supernatural testimonies. This was true in the days of Jesus and the same is true today. Some of us may have encountered a relationship with Jesus with on a smooth road. Perhaps you grew up in church, never truly strayed too far from the path God has placed you on. Others of us may have experienced God through him pulling us out of our own turbulence, from a difficult and dark place, where we know that it was only the power and love of Jesus Christ that pulled us through and we are unable to attribute it to any natural or scientific means.

It is here that we need to imitate the actions of the royal who wanted to acknowledge that it was God who healed his son. How do we know the impact of his story? The Bible said, “and his entire house believed;” a conversion took place. The household was blessed with good news about Jesus because he had chosen to tell his story. The same could be said about our sister who struggled with internal bleeding. Something or someone bought her to that crowd that day. If she in fact had been in this condition for several years, she had seen every physician in town, but when she heard about Jesus, she had enough faith to believe that he would heal her. Imagine if she hadn’t overheard through the grapevine folks chatting about the Messiah’s power!


It is our obedience and action when God says ‘GO!” when he has healed us, blessed us, set us free, guided us through a breakup or a breakthrough is what makes a miracle a truly positive event. A miraculous performance is not just an audience of one but for the blessings for others. So, the next time Christ, performers a miracle in your life, make sure you tell your story, I think Jesus would appreciate receiving his credit.

KenTara John works as an Instructor of Adult Education in Brooklyn, New York. She currently started a small tutoring company called Educate Awake where she is looking to empower urban students to awaken their gifts and talent through establish belief in their abilities. She loves to write, enjoys fashion and food and Sundays!

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