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It's often the people you least expect to help that do. When rappers the Game and Drake learned about Anna Angel and the tragic loss of her five small children and boyfriend in a fire earlier this week, they decided to put a plan in action. The two recording artists donated funds to the young mother to the tune of $20,000. Producers of a reality show featuring the Game also pitched in. They donated an additional $2,500 to help with funeral costs.

The Game is part of the Robin Hood Project and has vowed to give away $1 million of his own money to people in need before Christmas. This story hit home for me because my dear friend, JoLynn Stallings, owner of the 24/7 Christian Family Store, lost her great niece, Tiara, in the fire.

She has started a fundraiser to assist with Anna Angel with additional funeral costs. To date, she has helped raise $2,600. She continues to post updates on the fundraiser page daily. To learn more about the Angel and Fresch families and to make a donation of your own, please visit

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