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For many years now, Christian Media Magazine has shared the talent of Christian writers. The bulk of our articles have always been written by guest contributors, passionate readers, pastors, and church leaders. We’ve been honored to have worked with so many talented Christians who share our passion for spreading the Gospel and helping churches.

Our mission hasn’t changed, nor has our desire to showcase the expertise of Christians around the world. But one thing is changing: we are now offering monetary compensation for the articles we post.

Many people still offer to write for free – they’re burdened with a desire to help people, and we are honored that many choose CMM as a vehicle to accomplish that. We are always grateful and honored for anyone who offers to write for us.

However, we also believe that a worker is worthy of his wages. People deserve to be rewarded for their talent and expertise. We want to acknowledge our writers with more than just a byline. We’re looking to build a thriving community of people who are using their talents to build up the body of Christ.

So now Christian Media Magazine is paying writers for contributions assigned by the editor. If you’re interested in writing for us (and getting paid for it), please send an inquiry email to

We look forward to working with you!

Click here for more info.

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