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Many people question the authenticity of healing miracles and if they actually exist, but the word of God and the world that we live in leaves no reason to question the fact of this matter.

Miracles are not something new and they did not just start. They have been happening since the beginning of time. In fact, in the Old Testament, healing miracles suggested that God had performed them, while in the New Testament they suggested that Jesus performed them. These were acts that occurred in ways that undoubtedly left no question that a higher power had intervened. But do we really need to look for something on a grand scale to realize that healing miracles occur on a daily basis? I would think not. In fact, from then until now, there are healing miracles all around us that leave no question that they do exist and we call them the blessings of the Lord.

Miracles of Healing in the Bible

In the Bible, the barren had their wombs opened and they bore children: So Abraham prayed unto God: and God healed Abimelech, and his wife, and his maidservants; and they bare children. For the Lord had fast closed up all the wombs of the house of Abimelech, because of Sarah Abraham’s wife. Genesis 20:17-18.

The blind had been given sight: And when Jesus departed thence, two blind men followed him, crying, and saying, Thou son of David, have mercy on us. And when he was come into the house, the blind men came to him: and Jesus saith unto them, Believe ye that I am able to do this? They said unto him, Yea, Lord. Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you. And their eyes were opened; and Jesus straitly charged them, saying, See that no man know it. Matthew 9:27-30.

Lepers and others who were sick were healed: And as he entered into a certain village, there met him ten men that were lepers, which stood afar off: And they lifted up their voices, and said, Jesus, Master, have mercy on us. And when he saw them, he said unto them, go shew yourselves unto the priests. And it came to pass, that, as they went, they were cleansed. Luke 17:12-14.

Blood issues miraculously ceased: And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within herself, if I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter, be of good comfort; thy faith hath made thee whole. And the woman was made whole from that hour. Matthew 9:20-22

Modern Miracles

In addition to these instantaneous miracles, there are healing miracles that occur all the time. For instance, there are those that are inspired to create medications and vaccinations that heal the body and eradicate disease. While these things may happen resulting from a series of events, it doesn’t negate the fact that it does happen and all of these instances are indicative of an intervention from a greater source and a higher power…God.

I can attest to those that have had brain tumors to miraculously die on their own. I’ve been witness to a woman having 4 hospice nurses and eventually being admitted to the hospital, being comatose for days but now she is walking around and you would never know that she was sick. I have also been privy to the testimonies of lupus being healed and those that were set to begin chemotherapy being told that they didn’t need to take the treatments because the tumor was no longer there. These are every day healing miracles.


In conclusion, we shouldn’t box up the acts of God by summing them up in a grand way and leaving them in a separate arena to themselves when healing miracles by God through physicians from all backgrounds occur on a consistent basis. They occur through God’s intervention for many reasons.

Some believe that healing miracles are God’s will for our lives, while others may say that it’s according to our faith, and still others would say it is to increase our faith as well as the faith of those around us. Healing miracles are real. It is to be noted that these things happened in the presence of and as a result of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Furthermore, these healing miracles are compassionate acts stemming from a God with an unconditional love.

We who claim salvation through Jesus can safely say that when we align ourselves with our higher power, we know that there is no need to identify the work of God as miraculous healings but instead we recognize them as meticulous, intentional blessings in and around our lives.

Latoya Collins is a freelance writer based in the Chicagoland area and she is currently working on her first book titled “God through Jesus, Nothing can Separate you from his Love.” You can find Latoya online at her website.

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