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How to Increase Giving Using Social Media

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It seems as though everyday churches are coming up with new and exciting ways to have their congregations give an offering. I’m a traditional girl when it comes to giving, but I also rarely carry cash or checks with me. Many millennials are leaning away from carrying paper, and instead carrying plastic. Some churches have accommodated to this trend and offer a variety of ways to give to the church, as have many organizations. One of these new and exciting ideas is giving through social media. Social media may be daunting for some old-school churches and organizations, but there is a way to increase the giving using social media.

Have a social media presence

It is easy to set your church or organization up on all the major social media platforms. Running a church or organization page on social media can be done by just one person, so if your church or organization is small there is no need to worry. If your social media has enough interest from the members involved, it would be fairly easy to get a social media team together to delegate the work. Once you have the page or accounts set up, get to posting! There’s no limit to what or how much to post. Take what you have and use it.

Create a plan

Creating a plan can be as easy as deciding how many times a week you want to post, but you can also get creative with how much planning you choose to do. Plan out what pictures or Bible verses that could be used on social media. It’s good to have a bulk of posts to have because it’s easily accessible when time is running low. Use a hashtag to promote your church or organization and to promote giving among the church. Creating a plan is a great way to know what your objectives are and how you want to use them. Set small goals for the social media pages, and learn what works and what doesn’t for your audience.

Be real

The new generations thrive on real relationships, so the best way to get the members and many others involved is to be real. If someone thinks the church’s social media is being superficial or fake, the less inclined they may be to give using the social media outlets. Be honest with your audience. Telling them where their money is going and how it is being used is a great way to show people how they can make an impact in their community. Open up to the community so they can see the heart of the church or organization.

Engage your audience

Engaging your audience is not as hard as it may sound. What does your audience like to do on the weekends? What are their hobbies? Does your audience have any ideas as to where they would like to see their money going? Ask your audience questions, and answer theirs. Let your audience feel like their opinions and suggestions matter. One way a church or organization can do this by conducting polls on the social media pages. Having your audience take a poll on a subject that most of them are talking about will help them feel like they are being heard, and their opinions really do matter. Engaging your audience will help them feel appreciated, and could even increase giving.

Don’t forget the big picture

This step is probably the most important step. Your church or organization is using social media as tool to better the Kingdom of God. It may be a daunting task, but don’t get pressured or overwhelmed by the greatness of it. Social media can be used as a fantastic tool to further the kingdom, but you have to make sure you are in the right headspace. Be sure to seek wisdom from other’s, but most importantly, the wisdom from God. As long as God is heading the project, you have nothing to loose.

Giving to the church is an act of worship. When you give to the church, you give to God. Giving through social media is an act of worship that meets the modern age.  Social media is often seen as a temptation, not a tool. But social media can be used as a tool by churches and organizations to spread the gospel and increase giving. Getting started may be hard, but when you do not forget that God is the center of it all, there is no way that He will not guide you to where you need to be.

Rebekah Yoder attends Liberty University. You can find her online here, or connect with her on Twitter or Instagram.


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