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When you have a growing, vibrant church community, you want your parishioners to participate in the events people work hard to create and sustain. Whether it’s a weekly bible study, or a church picnic that’s coming up, you can use church text messaging¬†(sms messaging) to keep your church members informed about what is going on week to week. A simple text reminder can make a big difference in attendance, making your events more successful. Your church members are busy in their daily lives, and sending out a text will provide the nudge they need to remember an event they want to attend but may have forgotten about.

Implementing a church text messaging program can help make events more well attended. For example:

Bible Study

Whether you have a bible study for a specific group, or one set up for all to attend, it’s important to regularly remind parishioners about opportunities to study the bible. Most people who attend church would consider a bible study program, if they had the details of when and where the study was going to take place. Especially when you have new members to your parish, sending out a reminder to when bible studies occur is useful to those who aren’t familiar with the current schedule.

Church Community Fundraisers

Churches are always looking for ways to fundraise for any variety of projects, both within the church and out in the community. When you are hosting a special event and you want to get your news out to the community, text messaging is an excellent way to start getting your message out. You can encourage members to share the event with their friends through text messaging. You can also provide a link through text messaging that will give details about the program you are raising money for or the what the event is going to entail.

Reminders of Church Picnics

Church picnics and potluck dinners are an excellent way to build community within your church. You can use church text messaging to remind your congregation when an upcoming picnic is scheduled, or send out a last minute cancellation if the weather turns bad. You can also send out requests to bring food or supplies to the event. You won’t have to worry about not having a particular item if you can send out a mass text requesting it.

Church School Schedule and Special Events

When there are changes to the religious education schedule, or there’s an event for children coming up, parents will probably need a reminder. It’s easier for parents to receive a text message than it is to go through all of the emails they receive. When they get the message, they can easily add it to their calendar if they keep one on their cell phone. If you have a vacation bible school coming up for the summer, you can remind parents that it’s time to sign children up for this fun, yearly event.

Keeping your parish informed in a variety of ways will ensure that your message is received. Setting up an email list, posting in the parish bulletin, and sending out a church text message will be effective at reaching the widest range of parishioners possible.

Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases. Mr. Rhie holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. He has over 30 years of experience in the software, internet, and mobile communications industries.


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