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Dr. Christopher Chappell is a pastor, Christian author, and business owner. He is an influential leader and speaker both in the United States and around the world. Christian Media Magazine had the honor of talking with him about his life and ministry:

Tell us a little about your background. You’re a speaker, a pastor, a businessman, and a Christian author. How did you first get started with these ventures?

My background began with the impartation from my father, my role model, who also serves as my mentor and life coach. At an early age I began working in our family business, Chappell’s Upholstery, in Birmingham, Alabama. My father taught my brother and I as teenagers the values of leadership and excellence. We were managing employees, sales, service, accounting and banking duties. His favorite quote, “Give people a quality service and the money will come.” For over 35 years his business acumen sustained our family. Our business consisted of refurbishing furniture, cars, airplanes and hotels. My father’s business attributes easily transferred in to the ministry, which I was later called to Pastor and establish “Grace Community Christian Church,” now 15 years and counting.

In the 21st century I am a Pastor who is also a CEO. I am in the business of building a brand that focuses on sharing the gospel and transforming lives, homes, and communities. I am responsible for my employees and my congregation’s growth and success. My role as a Pastor and CEO cross over from the family business, to church with the value system of keeping People First!

As an author each of my books are designed to serve as documentation of living through disappointments and discouragement, but ultimately teaching the blueprint on how one can “Live to Win” in every aspect of life. The premise of my books are based on the principles that my father taught me, which include “How to bounce back by honoring as a priority and by treating people the way I would want to be treated!”

Did you sense a call from God to expand out into one of these roles that you had never tried before? What was that like?

Initially when I was called to preach the gospel, my words to my wife were, “I don’t want to be a pastor, I want to use my ability to preach as an enhancement to my musical gift.” I didn’t realize God had a calling on my life beyond my current understanding. I realized my call to pastor, as my heart was drawn to give hope and help to people. My heart’s desire is for all of God’s people to experience the abundant life.

Starting a church was really a faith move. I hope my journey inspires someone to take that leap, by hearing the short version of my story. I only had $100 and a vision. When I shared with people that I desired to launch a new ministry and the name of my church, many people questioned if I really knew what I want getting into. I began hearing many stories of failed attempts at starting a thriving church. My response to all of the Nay-sayers was “You haven’t tried it with me and my God”. Today, 2,800 people later, 8 million dollars in assets, ministering around the globe; I am reminded that God does not require a lot of money or an impressive resume to do what he has called you to do. You only need to have faith and obedience and be a servant of God.

You also run your own ministry, Christopher Chappell Ministries. What sort of outreach does this ministry do?

My ministry’s outreach includes feeding the hungry, giving away 4 automobiles, however my greatest amount of joy comes from our efforts the homeless community. In the last 2 years our “Blankets of Love’ event allowed us to sow over 1,000 blankets back into the homeless community who needed warmth during the cold winter months. One of my most memorable moments was sleeping on the street on a cold February night, to bring awareness to the homeless. This act was not about recognition or publicity but to bring awareness to the fact that we are here to serve our brothers and sisters in need.

This Resurrection Sunday our goal is to feed and create care packages for 5,000 people. Why? Because it’s all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and serving others as Jesus did. My goal is to give hope and help others to overcome!

You’ve written three books. Has your experience as a Christian author helped you to connect with people that you might not otherwise be able to?

Writing allows me to connect with people who are struggling right now. It allows me to use my story or testimony to provide hope thru my books. My first book, “Now that I’m saved, what’s next?” allowed us to save souls, however, I was concerned that after we left them hanging; telling them how wonderful our God is  but we did not supply them with the tools or instructions on how to live for God. This prompted my second book “Living to Win.” In this book I tell my life story; which includes living in defeat while discovering how to come out victorious. Many have been counted out, and my hope is that when they see me on billboards, traveling around the world ministering to thousands of people, on television, that they can appreciate my story. I am very transparent, I reveal the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Tell us a little about your most recent book, Family the Way God Intended.

“Family the Way God Intended” focuses on the true definition of a family and how to effectively overcome challenges. The publisher attempted to get me to change the cover; which included a family laughing and having fun to  an image that would only focus on me. I fought against that. The cover itself tells a story, from brokenness to becoming “Family the Way God Intended”! The book is about how to build your family brand and how to make the necessary investments to get your family working harmoniously. Many of us come from dysfunctional families, secrets and lies. This book helps to get the family operating as God intended, with power, prosperity and serving as a witness to the world. Hearing the testimonies of how families have been restored, relationships reenergized encourages me to keep writing and documenting life and family.

What inspired you to write this book?

It was important for others to know what family should look like. Hollywood has given us poor examples or false reflections of family. I want to give an image that represents love, peace, promise and prosperity. I was motivated to equip, encourage and empower the family.

What are some ways that you’ve seen God work in others through your speaking, writing, or mentoring?  Do you have any testimonies or stories you’d like to share?

I have seen people who were on the brink of giving up on life, family and church gain new inspiration and insight to fulfill life’s destiny.

I’ll never forget the young man who came to our ministry with his family, struggling to get his life working. When he came to us he didn’t have a job, a car, his lights and water were off. One night sitting in my office he saw my passion for people and serving. I shared my decision to follow my calling for ministry and how failing just was not an option for my life. The next day he went to the car dealership and got a job selling cars, making $400 per week! This same young man 9 months later came to me in the middle of the service as I was teaching and began to poke me. He reached in his pocket to show me his pay-stub, it turned to $110,000 in nine months. He credited his success to the teachings, inspiration and the tools that I shared with him.

Is there anything else you would like to share?

My assignment is to ensure that not only do people have expectations, but it is my responsibility to show them how to move into manifestation. I have the tools, the answers to the questions, and the solutions to problems!

You can connect with Dr. Chappell online at his Facebook page or on Instagram at @dr_chappell, or visit Grace Community Christian Church online.




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