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To compare two different things, you must have a thorough understanding of their functionalities and capabilities. Then, only after you have gathered your information, compared them, weighed the pros and cons, sought God for direction, only then can you attempt to choose—but not before you ask a friend or two. After this long cumbersome process, you decide. You feel optimistic in your decision. You go with it!

Then you realize that your religious beliefs, environment, experiences, fears, mood, time of day, attitude for that moment, and well, you get it, plays a significant role in your choices. Us humans are fickle. With those factors in mind, let us attempt choose whether Godtube is better than YouTube.

Godtube, what is that?

I’m ashamed to admit, only learning of Godtube about 6 months ago, I found it enthralling the first time around. In case you were not aware, GodTube is an online video-sharing platform which strives to provide Christian content (it’s owned by Salem Web Network.)

Yes, fellow saints, there is an entire website dedicated to encouragement, countless sermons, Christian humor, gospel music and videos, and much more. Countless God content in one place. Of course, there are similar websites, but its founder, Chris Wyatt, had a vision to provide an experience that would leave a lasting impression to make people want to come back. GodTube is a place where you can let your children roam and click away into oblivion without the worrying about them seeing something unsavory.

At first click to the website, there are countless videos categorized in bold black letters. The advertisements on the right-side and middle of the page can be a bit distracting. Online advertisers now use algorithms based on what you have been searching and as a result, those types of ads are on this page. It can be a bit overwhelming, and if you see an interesting ad, GodTube has lost you.

The top left-hand corner has a modest dropdown that gives a map of the rest of the offerings of the site. The devotionals are relevant and interesting, they did an excellent job with the range of subject matters. There is even an option to create an account and get push notifications and daily devotionals. The color scheme is blah, but overall, it is worth a browse or two.

Mighty, Mighty YouTube!

YouTube is American video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California.

If you have been living in a bunker for the last twelve years, then it is understandable if you had no idea what YouTube is. YouTube is a life savior. ANYTHING that you thought you needed or wanted to see is on YouTube. Someone, somewhere, has already done what you need to do and has made a video to share on to YouTube. Why reinvent the wheel?

YouTube has expanded over the years, there are tons of notable features, like sharing videos to your other social media, streaming your own videos, listening to music, watching movies, creating your own channels, and editing videos. The things YouTube can do is astonishing. YouTube has birthed many social media sensations based on their channels and the followers they have amassed. Who would not want to surf this site? If you have interesting content, then you could be the next star with over one million views and one hundred thousand followers.

The red square icon with the white triangle in the middle is recognized worldwide. Over the years, the appearance of YouTube has gotten cleaner and the billions of videos are categorized and you can even search by trending videos. There is an option to subscribe to different channels based on your interests and you will receive notifications each time a new video is posted. WARNING: you must monitor you child’s activity on YouTube closely because they have access to inappropriate content.

YouTube’s versatility is remarkable and compared to other sites that offer similar functions, there is no comparison.

Popularity Is the Key!

Having causal conversations with people while on a layover in Fort Lauderdale, FL airport, a simple question was asked: Have you ever heard of GodTube? 50% of the responses were, “do you mean YouTube”? The other half were, “no, what is that?” This was to be expected after only learning of it 6 months ago. YouTube was the most popular, GodTube was a nonfactor to most.

Most websites have created a mobile app to provide modified information for the on-the-go person. Mobile apps are the way of life, it has been programmed into us to always want to know if there is an app. Godtube has done just that, created an interactive mobile app. Although there are more advertisements then you would like to see, it is worth the memory on your smartphone, promise. The daily devotionals are very in-depth and relevant which keeps you wanting to deal with the sometimes-annoying notifications. If you are a spiritual person, this is the place for you. Although, when downloading the app, you notice that there are ten thousand downloads, which is very low. This says a: people are not interested or b: they have no idea that it even exists.

With over one billion mobile app downloads, it is hard to not know what YouTube is. In this case, YouTube is more popular than GodTube, but is it more relevant? That is a question left up for debate and is it goes back to humans being fickle.

Leave with this: YouTube is great. GodTube is great. By popular choice, YouTube is better. By spiritual demand, GodTube fits the bill. Are you looking for popularity or having your spiritual man fed? Are you looking for instant gratification or are you seeking God to provide direction? I say, since I am writing this on hump day, and the week has been trying, GodTube is better. Tomorrow, my response might be different.

Which website do you prefer? GodTube or YouTube?

Inita Callaway is currently a Communications Director, for a church, Hope Community Church in Chicago, IL. She enjoys writing, reading, and learning new things about communications and marketing inside the church. She holds a master’s in Written Communications and enjoys putting interesting perspectives on religious pieces.
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