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Without a doubt, the most oppressed and wronged communities around the world are the members of the three Abrahamic religions; Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The state of the Islamic world, which has been subjected to a nameless genocide with illogical excuses by the imperialist powers, particularly over the last 30 years, is painfully apparent. The oppression, torture and massacres Jews have been facing for centuries continue to take their places in the pages of history as embarrassing facts. However, there is another oppressed community which hasn’t been a topic of debate in popular media even though they have been struggling with similar issues:  Christians…

According to American Pew Research Center, as of 2012, more than 75% of the global population lived in places with high or very high religious restrictions, most of them being Christians. According to the US Department of State, Christians are being subjected to persecution and injustice in more than 60 countries by their governments or surrounding neighbors because of their beliefs.

According to the findings of Open Doors International, a website which reports the persecution and injustice Christians are subjected to, there are more than 100 million Christians who are still suffering around the world. Every month, on average 322 Christians are killed due to their beliefs; 214 churches and Christian properties are destroyed; 722 forms of violence such as beatings, abductions, rapes, arrests and forced marriages are committed against Christians.

According to the latest data, 2015 has been the “worst year in modern history for Christian persecution.” More than 7,100 Christians were killed for faith related reasons in 2015 (almost twice the amount recorded in 2014). 2,400 churches were destroyed or damaged, again, more than double the amount recorded in the previous year. In all the Islamic countries, the living conditions of Christians have become much worse.

Again, according to a recent research Pew Research Center published, today only 0.6% of 2.2 billion world Christian population is living in the Middle East, the cradle of Christianity and in North Africa.

In some Eurasian countries, Christian businesses are burnt, Christian girls are abducted and sold as child brides or slaves. Even in some countries, which are known as mild in terms of religious tolerance, such as Morocco, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, Christians are still subjected to legal persecutions.

According to the Open Doors’ statistics of 2016, North Korea is the leading country where Christians face the most persecution. Sadly, among the 50 countries included in the list there are some Islamic countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somali and Sudan along with countries like China, Vietnam, India and Colombia.

However, the persecutions Christians face have nothing to do with either Islam nor the Qur’an. In most of these countries, the bigoted and conservative mentality that obtrusively established dominance over people, exhibit an attitude that is completely opposite to the commandments of the Qur’an and the directions and practices of Islam’s Prophet, towards Christians, as it does about every matter.

Moreover, those who embrace this bigoted mentality are able to easily practice these persecutions on Muslims from other sects, nations, and even other tribes in the name of Islam, so to speak. Every kind of torment and massacre carried out on those who do not belong in their group, can be considered as legitimate by them.

For this reason, attributing these dangerous activities that stem from a bigoted mentality, to Islam, the Qur’an or Islam’s Prophet, is equivalent to the ignorance of attributing the violence of the Crusades to Christianity, a religion of love and mercy.

Countless verses from the Qur’an advise the showing of love and compassion towards Christians and Jews, known as People of the Book in the Qur’an. Even though it is permitted for Muslims to marry Christian or Jewish women, this bigoted mentality still considers persecuting or even killing the members of these religions as legitimate, which, in fact, reveals the inconsistency and abnormality intrinsic to this mentality.

The members of all three divine religions should shake this artificially and deliberately implemented anger off; with a sense of vibrant love and brotherhood, they should immediately put an end to this historical sedition and band together. This sense of brotherhood and unity will create one of the most powerful forces in the world, which will put an end to the sadness, pain and suffering on earth, and carry humanity into happier days full of justice, peace and love.

Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) is an influential Turkish author and opinion leader. He has authored more than 300 books translated into 76 languages on politics, religion and science. 

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