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Cartoon credit: John Atkinson

This cartoon by John Atkinson and "Wrong Hands" makes a great point. While the headline, "New Social Networking Site" will turn heads, they will no doubtedly be let down when it becomes obvious this is all a joke. The "new" site is actually not a new one at all. In fact, it's the oldest social networking site in existence, at one time more popular than Facebook.

The great thing about social media is that it can connect you to people far away. I've enjoyed reconnecting with friends I made while growing up in Chile. In fact, we just had the 19 year anniversary of the day we left, and I was glad to have Facebook to at the very least remind me of those times, people and places. But the best social networking is always done in person, face to face. Unless you're a robot you should be able to attest to this.

The future technologies will improve and enhance the way in which we connect with those far away. Google glass and others like it will make it seem like we're really together. But perhaps, if we let it, at the expense of those who really are together with us- those we can actually sit down with and together drink coffee, etc. 

While engaging those who are worlds away from you, please do not neglect those right beside you! I'm the first to acknowledge that I need this advice. I need to open up "myplace" to enjoy all that it has to offer.

When was the last time you surfed "Yourplace" with others in a social way? In your words, how is face to face superior than online engagement?

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