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Want to try your hand at screenwriting for Christian Short Films (or larger projects)?

Here's an excerpt from an article by Joshua C. Pies, Producer/Writer for The Sound-Tank ( and Executive Producer at C47 Film Associates.

"Let’s assume you’ve had your idea and are ready to write. To lay clear groundwork for your cast, crew, editors, and grocery store butcher – well, maybe not the butcher – but to lay the right groundwork we must write for our internal audience. If you’re new to writing for film/video you may be inclined to write a 'skit' script. This is that script where you open a word processing program and do the following – type 'name' 'colon' 'dialogue' 'return', and so on. It’s a style that has worked for many a small skit to supplement the Sunday sermon, children’s church meeting, and home group lesson. The key difference between a 'skit' and a short film, aside from the fact that there’s a camera involved in one, is scope."

Click here to read the entire atricle from the Easter issue of Christian Media Magazine.


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