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The nation of Turkey recently made a decision to remove references to evolution from the high schools’ curricula, in a move that is contrary to how the world generally approaches the subject. The news spread very quickly via the European pro-evolutionist press. Turkey’s bold move stunned evolutionist circles because until now, the theory of evolution has been enjoying a protected status all around the world.

But what was the motive behind this unexpected maneuver and why does evolution cause so much controversy?

Science or Ideology?

Although the theory is proclaimed as science, it is, in fact, an ideological assertion that has failed to obtain a scientific basis despite persistent efforts of the past 150 years. Even the strong propaganda machine of the Darwinist dictatorship couldn’t compensate for the missing scientific evidence. Billions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of hours have been spent to prove the notion of evolution scientifically, but one and a half centuries later, the theory is at its lowest and weakest point.

In the meantime, the ever-advancing science offered over and over again indisputable evidence of creation. Different disciplines of science like biology, genetics and paleontology consistently pointed to creation. For example, science has shown that in order for a single protein to come into existence, 60 different proteins have to be already present and help the synthesis of this new protein. Clearly, this means that there had to be a time when all these proteins required to produce new ones, came into existence all of a sudden out of nothingness. In other words, they were created and there could be no gradual, evolutionary development in their production.

Moreover, more than 700 million fossils that have been unearthed so far have demonstrated that living beings have remained unchanged for millions of years. In other words, no evolutionary process took place and caused gradual changes in living things. If it had, we would have found the fossils of creatures showing those gradual changes.

The Propaganda of Darwinism

However, despite the clear and loud statements of science, the formidable Darwinian empire continued to exist because letting go of Darwinism would mean letting go of the hope of scientifically justifying materialism and atheism. So much so that countries, academicians, even leaders were forced to state that they believed and supported evolution. Even Pope John Paul II was compelled to sanction the theory, while the Vatican held meetings in favor of evolution.

No world leader could until this point publicly decry and refute evolution. Even when it inspired harmful and dangerous ideas like communism, fascism and anarchism (Marx, Engels, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot among others clearly admitted that Darwinism provided so-called scientific basis for their theories) and gave a mistaken intellectual foundation for slavery, colonialism, ethnic conflicts, genocides, the relentless propaganda and Darwinist dictatorship survived.

Resistance to the Teaching of Evolution

Other than Turkey, the strongest resistance to evolution has been and is in the US. Individual cases in various parts of the country clearly reveal the people’s irritation with the idea. For instance, in Kentucky the word ‘evolution’ was changed to ‘change over time’ in state school standards. As of 2008, teachers in Louisiana are allowed to teach evolution as a controversy rather than a scientific theory. Tennessee similarly gave protection to its teachers that ‘explored the scientific strengths and scientific weaknesses of evolution’.

However even though these incidents clearly show the reluctance to accept the notion as science, it is also clear that there is no room for anything more than these little acts of defiance. Academicians feel compelled to subscribe to evolutionist views or risk being shunned, even lose their careers. So many scientists and academicians have lost their jobs as a result that many scientists are now filing lawsuits like this NASA specialist, to gain back their credibility. As a matter of fact, Ben Stein, after learning about the horrific social and historical impact of Darwin on Jews, made a documentary about the faulty notion and about the numerous academicians whose careers suffered due to their rejection of evolution.

The situation is even more surprising in Europe. Most European countries, including the Catholic countries, readily submit to evolutionist thinking. Except for a Serbian minister who wanted to remove education from the curriculum, and who was forced to resign as a result, European countries have almost stopped trying to fight the Darwinist dictatorship. Central and South America also seem to have given up any resistance and surrendered to the iron grip of the Darwinist dogma. This widespread submission continues in Central and South America, in most of Asia, a majority of the Middle East, and most surprisingly in Iran.

Evolution as Science

This dictatorship is so strong, in the age of freedoms, particularly the freedom of expression, that the Council of Europe believes that saying that there might be design in nature could be a human rights offense. The black propaganda works so strongly, although the debate has to be about science, any idea that goes against evolution is quickly shunned as unscientific and dogmatic. Scientists who dare to speak up against it are ignored as pseudo-scientists and are not shown due respect.

Apparently, according to a Scientific American article, Europeans should see the challenge presented by creation proponents as mere “tricks”: “Unaware of all the tricks developed by American creationists, however, European journalists far too often jumped to the standard “balanced perspective,” looking at the case from both sides.¨ It seems that according to Scientific American, in what should be a scientific debate, trying to look at theories from both sides and trying to achieve a balanced perspective is wrong. However, science should be about discussing everything, examining theories from every perspective, examining the evidence regardless of what one wants to believe.

If God wanted, He could have created everything by using evolution as a process. However, if that had been the case, we would have seen its proofs in the Holy Books and in science. As a matter of fact, if the Holy Books and the science showed us creation via evolution, then, we would have been its foremost defenders. However, we see both in the Holy Books and in nature that such an evolutionary process never took place.


I believe that Darwinism should continue to be taught in all schools in a separate lesson, as long as the scientific evidence is accurately presented. There is no problem in teaching Darwin’s theories of evolution as a matter of general knowledge. Until now, schools in Turkey have taught only the theory of evolution and have not included a discussion of the clear and irrefutable signs of creation. Yet, students should be presented with the scientific facts in an objective manner, being allowed to make up their own minds because only an educational system based on scientific evidence and freedom of thought will help raise brilliant, open-minded generations for our world.

I hope that the other nations of the world will follow Turkey’s bold example and spare their youth from the deceit of a Darwin-only school curriculum.

Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya) is an influential Turkish author and opinion leader. He has authored more than 300 books translated into 76 languages on politics, religion and science. 

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