4 Incredible Miracles that Science Cannot Explain

Science likes to try to have an explanation for everything, it seems. If by chance there isn’t evidence to prove an issue, scientists will still have a “theory” or a hypothesis for explanation and they will work as hard as they can to figure out the issue. The health of a person or the components of the world are issues that scientists tend to try to have a way of explaining. They will pull out one or two facts, no matter how minuet from biology to try to prove themselves. There are, however, four kinds of experiences in life that science cannot explain, even with the smallest biological facts: Changes of Heart, Financial Freedoms, Unexpected Gifts, and  Perfectly-Timed Provisions. The miracles that can be seen in these categories are baffling, exciting, and out-right impressive.

Changes of the Heart

Miracles concerning a change of heart are not necessarily seen in a physical sense. Scientists could try to muster up enough of a theory for physical heart changes. Miracle changes concerning the heart that science cannot prove, however, are changes such a state where someone who is hateful or sorrowful, maybe “rough around the edges” and has a complete 180 degree turn around into a nicer, more loving, and kinder person. When such a radical change occurs it really can be seen as a miracle of God. An example of this change has been seen through the testimony of a man named Brian Cole. Through the work of our miracle-working God, Brian Cole went from living the life as a Satanist to now working to help bring people to the Lord as a Minister. His story can be viewed here.

Financial Freedoms

Have you ever felt burdened with debt or bills that are just too much? Student loans or medical bills in today’s day and age are bills that commonly accumulate quickly. Do you ever wish you would get a phone call or piece of paper in the mail saying your large sum of debt has been simply forgiven? I bet many people hope for this kind of miracle – a random check, some money in the mail, loans cleared. Maybe a surgery got approved to covered by insurance literally an hour before the surgery happened. Financial miracles do indeed happen and should be hoped for. Read here about a testimony where this kind of miracle did indeed happen.

Unexpected Gifts

Many times, especially when a person is facing a difficult season, will God give some unexpected gifts to display His love to someone. These gifts speak right to the heart of the person. I love the stories of lost wedding rings and how they miraculously show up. How can science explain the reasoning behind how such a small but very important item can come back across the path of its owner? When odds of re-finding such a special item are so low, the discovery is such an enormous and miraculous blessing – miracles of God. Enjoy these 3 testimonies of wedding ring gifts:

  • A woman finds her wedding ring in the burned rumble faster the recent wildfires in California. (video)
  • When a wedding ring was lost in the bottom of a lake, it was found 9  years later! (video)
  • A wedding ring appears grown into the owner’s carrot when pulled from the ground. (video)


Perfectly Timed Provisions

Have you ever prayed in such desperation and had the prayer be instantly answered in such a miraculous manner? I have. On a cold fall day I looked at the pay stub of my husband’s check. He had just started a new job and it was clear the funds were not enough to make ends even barely meet. In a panic I started crying and my daughter noticed. When I explained to her why I was crying she suggested praying. So, we sat down and prayed – my prayer was one of desperation from the heart. Wouldn’t you know it, but a few hours later there was a knock on the door and two men stood there holding their hats in their hands. Very politely they asked if I had owned any land they could purchase from me. Although I had never before thought of selling our land, the sale of it was exactly what we needed to get us by. How can science explain that timing and provision? It can’t.


There are indeed many events in life that cannot be explained by science.  These miracles, these events are not coincidences, but marvelous gifts of God. Changes of the heart, financial freedoms, unexpected gifts, and perfectly timed provisions are all examples of God’s miracles that no data or theory can even try to prove as different. God loves us and He loves to give us phenomenal, mind blowing gifts. It says so in Matthew 7:11, “If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!” With this amazing verse and the previous examples of miracles that science cannot prove, if I were you I would be asking God for some miracles today!

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