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Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Bill O’Reilly, etc, etc, etc, etc…. There is no tolerable justification for anyone, man or woman, to subject another human being to sexual mistreatment. It is inhumane to objectify another individual or treat someone as a commodity for your own selfish sexual whims.

Pornography is a Problem

Please understand that I in no way am attempting to mitigate the deplorable treatment or damage this can create in the psyche of someone who has been the victim of such activities, but at the same time I am curious as to why we act so surprised by this behavior. Hugh Heffner and the like, have acquired incalculable wealth over the past nearly 70 years in creating a populace where faceless, non-relational sex is not only in vogue but many times fundamentally preferred. Pornography is astoundingly popular and astonishingly utilized throughout the entire world for our egocentric sexual pursuits.

Depending on who you pay attention to, the nearly unlimited assortment of objectifying and commodity inducing pornography has essentially taken over the psyche of particularly our men with the percentages of women in hot pursuit.

It has been put forth by a noted Christian organization that nearly 70% of men who attend church on a regular basis, 50% of pastors populating our podiums and 30% of “Christian” women are struggling with compulsive unbiblical sexual pursuits they cannot stop. And, the “non-Christian” activity in this area is likely exponentially more significant. In other words, for Christians and non-Christians alike, the Biblical directives first revealed in Genesis 1 is either believed antiquated or possibly boring or simply ignored all together. The intensity of the orgasm has ostensibly replaced the passion of the human connection in our “my pleasure first” society. Solo sex, while hovering over a commodity producing pixel display, has superseded relationship sex in more of us than anyone wants to acknowledge. And the negative effects of these choices are systematically warping our minds towards ever-increasing perversion.

God’s Plan for Sex

We essentially discount that God had an original plan for sex; for crying out loud He invented this whole idea!  Every good thing that God created, Satan continually works to desensitizingly fiddle with and pervert. In Genesis 1, God created sexuality and called it good. According to the Bible, sexual union has a dual purpose—procreation and joining marriage partners as “one flesh”. However, as we see in early sections of the Bible, human beings quickly found perverse uses for sex that accomplish neither of God’s intended purposes. The perversions were so widespread by the time God gave the Law to Moses, warnings against specific distortions had to be included in detail.

According to Scripture, any sexual activity outside the marriage union of one woman and one man is a perversion and condemned by God. Yes I know this is not a politically correct assessment for our day and time, but I don’t agree either that truth is subjective. People say that the Bible is antiquated, misinterpreted, incorrectly copied by human error, etc, etc. My comment to this perspective is, the God I believe in is effortlessly capable of getting to me, to us, His written Word in the manner He desires it to be delivered. We are less capable of “messing up” God than we flatteringly think.

So, the outcry of injustice, as case after case of sexual misconduct is revealed and will continue to occur, should not only be of little surprise, but actually expected. As long as the perversion of pornography is pursued, embraced, enjoyed and championed, we will continue to be perverted from a healthy perspective of what sex should be for the chaos we see played around us each day to be avoided.

And dare I say, with the advent of virtual reality, which the porn industry is the leading financial proponent and the aggressive approach the sex robot industry is taking, we will soon be in for an outermost distortion the likes envisioned only in the mind of science fiction.

Don’t be surprised!!!

Steve Hunt lives in Clovis, California, and is involved in a number of men’s ministries, including leading weekly groups for men struggling with marriage, relationship and sexual issues. He can be contacted at


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