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Brain disease therapy and mental health treatment concept as a sheet of torn crumpled white paper taped together shaped as a side profile of a human face on wood as a symbol for neurology surgery and medicine or psychological help.

I know people should be getting healed in my Church because I believe in Jesus.

John 14:12 “I tell you the truth, anyone who believes in me will do the same works I have done, and even greater works, because I am going to be with the Father.

However, people aren’t getting healed. If they were, my Church would be flooded with desperately sick people.

Tell me what I am missing. Telling what I am doing wrong. Please join this discussion.


2 Responses

  1. Sis Vaughn

    Hi! I am so excited to respond! You have to be in the truth to see God. I have just the place for you! I have been healed at my church of bipolar/schizo/psychosis, as well as fibromyalgia. I also broke my ankle so bad in 2010, that it almost completely separated my ankle from my leg. The bone almost punctured my skin. I had to wear a cast and other ‘bone mending devices’ for almost a year. However, my orthodontist said it healed very well and unbelievably quickly. All of these healings took place because of the prayers of the Apostle in our ministry. One man had a cancer and diabetes diagnosis, but he is completely healed. He dances with joy in church non-stop like he is in his youth and he is 66 yrs old. One lady lost 7 pints of blood and still walked around laughing and smiling in the hospital (near death), now she is completely healed. Another lady had a severe case of Rocky Mountain Spotty Fever and almost died. She gets around now with so much joy and has the energy of a athletic 12 year old. One young lady was found HIV positive and now all her tests are negative. Her brother was suicidal and now his heart and mind is filled with joy and peace! One man who recently joined our ministry died in the arms of the Apostle in the middle of church service and came back to life. All the church body witnessed that day (happened about 3 mths ago). These are only a few of our church members who have been healed and delivered of physical affliction and even brokenness in spirit. God has touched and healed the youngest (which is my daughter and she will be 8 yrs old in a few days) to the oldest in our church (our Elder who is 66 yrs old)! I have never seen so many miracles and manifestations of God’s word take place beyond those in the bible. Feel free to hear the word of God taught like never before and to know what is is like to have a true shepherd in an Apostle. He truly takes care of this flock. Our Apostle not only show you proof that the spirit word is true and real, but he will also SHOW you have to live life. I know how to have life more abundant and to live like a princess with no cares of the world or worries.
    If you really want a healing to take place in your life, join us at Deliverance Ministries, Household of Faith, Church of the Living God. You can tune in online and ask questions. If you are serious about a change and serving the Lord with all sincerity, please e-mail me at I will then e-mail you the info you need to join us online. If you have a webcam on your phone, tablet, ipad, or computer, you can view the church live and see the Apostle!

  2. Jacob

    What a blessing it is to read your post and hearing about the wonderful works of God! I know and have seen what the Lord has done for you and for the testimony of the lives of other to touch your life is such a way to feel what the Lord has done for them he Alain done for you. 🙏🏾


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