Twitter has become the ideal way to reach millions of people by using hashtags to identify your tweets. Hashtags can group together common topics and also lead people to new trends and ideas. Churches can use these tools just like any other person or business to reach people and show how God is working in their church.

So what hashtags should churches use? I have ten listed that can help your church grow. Isn’t it exciting? One hashtag can reach millions and ministering has become that easy.

Twitter Hashtags for Churches

1) #comeasyouare – As a church we should have our arms open wide and our hearts ready to expand. Let your followers and visitors know that you accept them the way they are. Come as you are but don’t stay the way you are.

2) #handsandfeet – The Church, one body, and the hands and feet of God. We are His hands and feet; let’s use this hashtag to remind our followers that no matter what they do, no matter where they are, they can be at work for His glory.

3) #relationshipgoals – This hashtag can easily be used to attract a different group of twitter users, especially the younger generation. While this hashtag is normally associated with earthly relationships, such as dating or marriage, a relationship with Jesus is why we call ourselves Christians. We are not a religion, and it’s important for people to know that. We have relationships with our fellow church members and a relationship with God. Like our relationships here on earth, it takes work, but it is worth it, there is no other relationship like a relationship with our Father and Savior.

4) #hopeforthehopeless – In a world full of fear, anxiety and sadness it’s important that as a church that we share the hope that we have in Jesus, that this is not our home and Jesus can give you ever lasting peace.

5) #love – This simple hashtag means different things to so many people. This hashtag is sure to reach millions. We live in a world where so many people are literally searching for love and what it means to be loved. It may be a simple hashtag but it’s the essence of our belief. To love God is to love people, if you don’t love people, you don’t truly have the love of God.

6) #wordofGodspeak – Yes, God speak. Speak to us as a Church; speak to the lost, give us the words to speak. Now we have the opportunity to speak through social media, and His word can speak to those through a screen. His word is the way, the truth and the life and we as a church need people to know that.

7) #praisehim – Let us praise Him every day, nothing can bring you greater joy than to praise Him.  The opportunity to praise Jesus every day is a blessing everyone should experience, and how lucky are we as a Church to get to praise him together. “Praise the Lord, all people on earth, praise his glory and might.” (1 Chronicles 16:28)

8) #testify – Let’s testify that our God is good, and tell the world of the good news he brings us. We should always shout His name in glory and testify.

9) #encouragement – Encouragement gains people looking for a direction to turn in their lives. Let us as a church encourage others to turn to the direction of Jesus.

10) #Jesus – Let’s not forget why we do the things we do. Let all the things we post on twitter reflect His great name. This isn’t about the church; this isn’t about how many followers you have on twitter, this is about Jesus.

Technology is a Tool

Maybe you’re not sure about twitter, but an important reminder would be that even though God’s word stays the same, methods change. We can reach the lost by using our cell phones or logging onto our computers. God has given us these tools, and we should use them to reflect everything we believe in and to encourage, inspire, and bring hope to other people. Our greatest responsibility is discipleship, and we can now do that anywhere and anytime.

Just remember that one simple hashtag can reach millions and ministering is easier than ever, using these new methods.  Let’s show the lost that Christianity isn’t about a boring religion, in fact it’s the opposite. Christianity is a relationship, it’s about being bold, it’s about love, and it’s about having a peace in your life that cannot be found anywhere else.

Tia Jenkins a 27 year old wife, mother and encourager that loves nothing more than to encourage, express and awkwardly praise Jesus.




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Author: CMM Staff