Source: Chip Dizard

I’m a professional video editor and I am starting to edit on my iPhone and iPad. This sounds strange and almost absurd, but it’s true. The latest release of iMovie 2.0 for iOS editing on your iPhone/iPad makes video editing fun and simple.

Have you ever used your iPhone to edit video?

Here are three reasons why I’ve begun editing video on my mobile device, tell me what you think:

1. Convenience

I know a phone may be small, but chances are it’s always with you. I was at a shoot recently for a church and they needed some video uploaded to their Dropbox and I edited a short segment on my phone and sent it to them while I was in my car.

2. Easy

iMovie for iOS is a very easy program to learn and you can add polish and a great finishing touches to your videos really easy.

3. Quick

This is my favorite feature. Every time I show someone I edited a video on my iPhone or iPad they say,

“Wow, that’s quick and wow it looks good!”

We are living in a time where everyone wants everything quick. Like it or not, here we are. That’s why whenever I am recording video at a wedding, I always shoot a few short clips with my iPhone and edit them and upload them to my Facebook. They look almost as good as my professional camera shots! Speed #FTW!

Here’s an example video of myself that was shot by a friend, but edited in iMovie:

And now here’s a video by Amani Channel that he shot and edited on his iPhone:

While you are at it, check out my iMovie for iOS video editing course.

What do you think about editing on your mobile device?

Have you tried it before? What was your experience or will you try it now?

Author: Chip Dizard

Chip is a video professional, author, speaker and apple certified trainer. You can find him directing the live stream at his church or conducting online video training at Web Video Chefs. His passion for training via video comes from years of running his church media ministry department and he wants to empower churches to use video and technology to reach the masses.