By Kristy Henry

If you’re a self-proclaimed pin-a-holic (or married to one), you most likely already know the benefits by being part of this growing social network. If your ministry is smaller, your social presence is most likely ran by a couple of dedicated technology savvy members already handling your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and adding a social media network as time-consuming as Pinterest can be quite intimidating. You’re asking, “How do we maximize our opportunity on Pinterest without it requiring a ton of time?”

One of the most effective, but underutilized, strategies to get more from Pinterest is using collaborative group boards. A group board works much like a regular Pinterest board. The only difference is that along with the board creator, other pinners are also granted permission to pin. Simply creating a board, adding a few key friends who share a passion can fill a board in no time.

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Detailed below are four effective and efficient ways to get your church started on Pinterest.

Ministry Boards

Pinterest is an unique collection of DIY, crafts, games, lesson ideas and more. Create a board for each of your ministries — (ie. Mens, Womens, Youth, Young Marrieds). Once created, invite a few key leaders and members from each ministry to be able act as a board administrators. When they see something that might be great activity or study, they can pin it to the board – creating a great collection of ideas for your next VBS, bible study, game night, outreach or ice breakers. What a great way to start a brainstorming meeting for your next event or share these treasures with other churches (after all, we all have the same mission.)

A few great examples:

Sermon Series

If your teaching pastor is like mine, each sermon series is so full of information that you can’t even keep up. Create a board that allows you to collect verses, sermon audio, video, related blog posts or recommended books that builds throughout the sermon series. Be sure to promote the board on your Facebook or Twitter throughout the sermon series as a way for your members to get more from the series.

A few great examples:

Books & Movies

What better way to share what recommended reading by creating a ‘Books’ board. This could range from anything from books, links to blog posts or bible studies that your pastor or staff encourage you to take time to read or are mentioned during a sermon. A few alternatives to this would be to add movies, videos or podcasts that are recommended!

A few great examples:

Worship Arts

Create a ‘Music’ board sharing songs featured during your worship service, but don’t stop there–include inspirational worship quotes, Scriptures, techniques adding dimension to your board. You could even go as far as making a YouTube or Spotify playlist to share.

A few great examples:


I hope that these ideas spark some passion to pin in you! Here are a few other boards I came across to fuel your creative adventure onto Pinterest.

Happy Pinning!

Author: Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter is the publisher and editor-in-chief of ChurchTechToday and Christian Media Magazine where she encourages churches to better use technology and media to improve every aspect of ministry. An entrepreneur by birth, she is constantly looking for new ways to author and create for God's Glory. Hailing from Northern California, Lauren writes from the heart at and is also a musician, poet, wife, and mom to four great kids.