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At Church Motion Graphics in the past year we have switched from using Twitter as our primary social media network to Instagram, because of a few key reasons. Firstly, we create visual media and it made the most sense for us to share photos using this platform instead of the other big two. Secondly, Instagram is a growing community and it does a great job helping us share our photos to reach more people through their “Explore” feature. Thirdly, a user’s feed is less cluttered than those found on Twitter and Facebook which means our photos get seen and liked more often.

To be a proficient Instagram user you need to rely on other apps and services to make the most of your time and resources. Here is a list of five apps we use at CMG to take the Instagram experience to the next level.

1. Repost for Instagram

This is by far the most used Instagram companion app we use. It allows us to easily repost photos and videos of our community using our media while giving credit to the original Instagramer. We have tried a lot of reposting apps and this is the fastest and cleanest solution we have found.

Make sure to buy the pro version of this app to like photos, follow users, manage multiple accounts and repost ad-free. Bonus: The app displays your feed in a 3×9 grid for quicker browsing than Instagram’s single image feed.

2. Diptic

Need to make a beautiful collage of your photos? This app can pull photos from camera roll, Instagram, Facebook and even Flickr to make simple frame based collages. We love using this app on our iPhone or iPad to create quick collages that showcase screenshots our newest motion backgrounds or photos of what our community has been up to.

3. Word Swag

It is time to get your swag on! I love beautiful typography, but no one has time to play around in Photoshop to add captions and titles to their Instagram photos. That is where Word Swag comes in. With a few taps it overlays stylish text on your photos. With many font styles to choose from and layout options, this is a must have app in every Instagram arsonal.

4. MyCommenter

When you post a lot of noteworthy photos you get a lot of likes and comments. Natively it is very hard to manage comments in Instagram when they are nestled in the same list as your new likes and new friends. That is why we love using this app. It gives you a list of your photos and indicates which comments have been replied and unreplied to. Most comments deserve a reply and this app helps us stay connected to our community.

5. QuickSave for Instagram

Unfortunately Instagram doesn’t allow you to save any photos to your camera roll. However QuckSave does! It is an easy and fast way to save any photo from Instagram to your device. The app also allows you to repost images with or without a watermark and perform simple tasks like following a user and liking a photo. Make sure to buy the Pro Upgrade to remove the ad annoyances.

To see what we are up to please follow Church Motion Graphics on Instagram.

What app do you use to get the most out of Instagram?


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Author: Lauren Hunter

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