Easter will be here before you know it. A lot of churches and ministries have had their Easter programs planned since last year. But there are probably a lot of you who haven’t quite finished the planning; or something fell through and you’re looking for a last-minute video for your Easter event or Sunday school class. Christian Media Magazine has rounded up five Easter video resources that you can use.

Skit Guys

The Skit Guys are known for both their humorous and serious truth-filled Christian videos.

Their “Our Risen Savior” package includes videos, motion backgrounds, sermon outlines, and more. This package alone can meet all your church’s Easter program needs.

And on the more humorous side, here’s an “Awkward Easter Invite” video.

Igniter Media

Igniter Media provides quality videos on all different subjects, from invites to full stories. They offer a yearly subscription, or you can purchase videos a la carte.

Worship House Media

Worship House Media is a hub for a lot of different Christian media producers. You can find Skit Guys on here, as well as others like Hyper Pixels Media and Igniter Media, and many others. There’s a huge selection of Easter-themed videos to choose from.

Rethink Worship

Rethink Worship is another site where you can find a large selection of Easter-themed videos to fit any kind of service or program.


On GodTube you can find everything from amateur videos to covers of popular songs, as well as the official channels for Christian artists and performers.

We hope that these video selections will help your church meet all of its ministry needs this Easter season!

Do you have other videos or resources you’d like to add to this list?

Author: CMM Staff