Money. No one really wants to talk about it in church, but let’s face it – it takes money to get stuff done in this world. You can’t build a new sanctuary, feed hungry people, or support missionaries in their work without money. So what are some ways that you can use the internet and social media to increase donations and get donations? Here are some ideas:

Do a Crowdfunding campaign

Usually when people think of fundraising they think along the lines of throwing an online campaign. This is a great idea, but it can be a lot of work if you’re doing everything yourself, from organizing to promoting to tracking donations.

Online funding platforms such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Go Fund Me can relieve a lot of the burden of online fundraising; plus you’ll have the credibility of an established website backing you. Make sure that you look into how they are run and that you’re willing to meet the requirements associated with the particular crowd funding platform you choose.

Sell something

Sounds simple right? Well, it is. It’s like moving your monthly bake sale to the World Wide Web so that more people can participate in it and be involved. This is where you can be creative as a ministry. You don’t have to just sell sweatshirts and t-shirts (which are never a bad thing). Think car washes, banquet seats, Christmas baskets, original songs written and performed by your praise team, and so much more. Let your creativity soar and do something that will engage your people.

Give something away

Have you ever heard of an organization saying that for every dollar you give towards their mission that they’ll give ten percent of it (or sometimes even more) to another organization or ministry? You could look at it as the whole “practice what you preach” thing. Giving to others really motivates your people to give. Christians should be givers, and people are more likely to give to a person or a church who is known for likewise being generous.

Shoot an awareness video

People like to see what you’re doing before they decide to give. Video is the best way to cast your vision and get donors to realize what they’re truly giving to. Video is a powerful medium that can reach a lot of people online quickly. Don’t have the money to hire a big video guy? No worries. You may be able to enlist volunteers from your congregation. You can also check out the iMovie Application for the iPhone. It costs only $5 dollars and has templates to guide you through the process.

Simply ask

This may sound unbelievable, but there are people using social media who have a heart to give, but just don’t know who or what to give to. Tell people, through a well-crafted and thought-out message what your ministry is in need of and then just ask them to give to your need. It’s surprising how well simplicity often works when it comes to people opening up their pocketbooks to give.  

Has your church used any of these techniques for increasing online giving? Please share your tips and ideas!

Author: CMM Staff