With Christmas soon approaching, we are busy scurrying around for presents, Christmas trees, meal preparations and so on. But in all of this activity we can sometimes lose sight of what Christmas is really about. Here are 7 Christmas videos you can share at church, Bible studies, Sunday school, or just watch at home with family and friends.

The Christmas Story as Told by Kids

This is a funny and cute Christmas video told by and acted out by children. The simplicity of it will bring joy to your hearts as you watch through the eyes of a child. Without all the bells and whistles that can sometimes distract us from the real meaning of Christmas, this reminds us of what it’s really all about.

Rejoice by The Skit Guys

This video is packed with powerful vocals that touch your soul, accompanied by words and visuals to tell the Christmas story. It begins with the words, “We dwelled in darkness, hopeless and alone, in need of a savior. Then Grace was born.”

This short video is a good evangelistic tool that can be played at church during a Christmas service for the wider community. Its appeal lies in its strong visuals and poignant words without the complexity of church jargon. The message is effective and straight forward.

God with Us

This video is unique in its depiction of the Christmas story told only with frozen scenes of people dressed in traditional garb without speaking. Even the music is strictly instrumental. The only movement is of baby Jesus in a manager.

With its lack of words, this beautiful video can best be followed by someone who is familiar with the biblical Christmas story as it solely relies on scenes without verbal clues or narration.


This is a full-length film (51 minutes) with a modern spin on the Christmas story on how life would be like for Jesus in the 21st Century. The closing scenes show how the characters lives are affected by the Saviour for good and bad with a female voice-over explaining what Christ did for humanity and how he can transform our lives.

This film was written, directed and produced by Freedom Church in England. The actors are all members of the church and the soundtrack is original.

The Nativity

This is a beautiful music clip with the sweet and soothing sound of Amy Grant singing “Breath of Heaven.” The lyrics of the song compliment the scenes for the clip and really take you back in time to where it all began, creating a nostalgic experience of our Saviour’s humble beginnings.

Light of the World

This video is a reminder that Jesus’ birth wasn’t actually the beginning of the Story, as he has always been with us since the beginning of time. The opening scene is black, void of light.

Then these words appear “In the Beginning was the Word. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. The Same was in the Beginning with God. And on the Earth there was darkness. The Spirit of God hovered over the formless void and God said ‘Light be ‘and light was.” The haunting sound of the song Emmanuel (God with Us) plays throughout the video.

Superbook – The First Christmas

This is a light-hearted and comical animated video with an upbeat salvation song. The words are in big bold letters, great for kids to sing and dance along to. The opening scene is of a brother and sister running to the shopping mall to look for Christmas presents. Then the kids get pulled into an adventure during Bible times, and encounter Mary and Joseph and witness the birth of Jesus. The kids receive a better gift that can be found in a shop: the gift of salvation.

Enjoy all of these Christmas videos!

Julie Guirgis is a freelance writer and artist living in Sydney, Australia. Her art and handmade items can be found on Etsy and Instagram.

Author: CMM Staff