By Chip Dizard

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Creating podcasts from your existing sermons is a great way to increase your ministry visibility,  gain more web visitors and connect with new audiences.  I believe pastors who create weekly podcasts will be able to form a unique bond with their listeners. Here are 7 reasons why I think you should consider launching a podcast.

1. You  already create weekly content

I was talking to a veteran pastor and he told me he has over 600 sermons. What if you had 100 of those sermons to turn into a podcast? You would have over two years worth of content.  Turning CD’s into .mp3’s is now easier than ever thanks to free tools like iTunes.

2. You acquire loyal listeners


Listening to a podcast is an intimate experience. Often people listen to podcasts while jogging, in the car or on their computer.  Wherever people listen they probably are doing something else, but something you say may get their attention and cause them to take action. I remember renting a car in Orlando, Florida and I had an two drive to a client meeting and I listened  to the Elevation Church Podcast with Steven Furtick.  A particular portion of his sermon was very interesting and when I arrived at my destination I texted the quote to a friend.

3. You have a captive audience

When I have my earphones on and walking I am connecting with the speaker. Most people spend much more time listening to a podcast than reading a blog post because it takes less mental energy.

4. People can connect with you on a deeper level

Life and ministry is all about connections.  Why do you think radio DJ’s were so popular in the early days of radio?  They had a voice that connected with people. As a pastor or ministry leader you have that same opportunity to share your unique perspective to people outside of your congregation.

5.  Audio is easier to edit than video

I am video editor and I will say editing video is much more difficult than editing audio.  With video you have to worry about video, audio, graphics.  As long as your audio is clean and you don’ t have any strange sounds you should be fine on a basic level.  I use  Audacity , Adobe Audition  or GarageBand to edit my audio podcasts. There are many choices in software, but in my opinion these do the best job at editing podcast audio.

6. Your content will rise to the top

I can give you all of the technical tips and advice, but if your sermons aren’t well thought-out or put together it won’t rise. Like the cliche goes, “content is king.” Pastors who post thoughtful messages and not “Saturday night specials” always get more listeners and eventually more members.  No matter what you do, it must be quality because that always wins.

7.  Podcasts are easier now to set up than ever

You don’t need a lot of technical know how or expertise to set up a podcast. You don’t even need expensive equipment (unless you want to sound like a radio station DJ). There are many tutorials online on how to do this and I have created an online resource called Digital Ministry Academy to help pastors with the technical aspects podcasting.

Have you created your ministry podcast? If not why not?

Author: Chip Dizard

Chip is a video professional, author, speaker and apple certified trainer. You can find him directing the live stream at his church or conducting online video training at Web Video Chefs. His passion for training via video comes from years of running his church media ministry department and he wants to empower churches to use video and technology to reach the masses.