Pastors, we understand – it can challenging sometimes to preach a sermon every week. And if you preach a mid-week service or a Saturday night service, too? How do you keep your people engaged, interested, and growing?

Here at Christian Media Magazine, we want to help you grow your church or ministry by providing tips, resources, and information. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of seven sermon resources that you might not know about. If you’ve used any of these resources, please share your experience in the comments! And if you have any to add to this list, please share that, as well.

The Pastor’s Helper

This website offers sermon outlines, full manuscripts, and even a monthly subscription service. You can also find other resources like Bible studies and small group studies.

Sermon Writer

This is a weekly subscription that offers a full sermon, children’s sermon, Scripture references, and more. If your church has a budget for sermon resources, this could be a valuable tool. There are some free issues available on the website, too, so check it out.

Bible Study Tools

This is an online Bible reading site, but also offers much more. Blogs, devotionals, texts of historical sermons, and other resources like maps and fonts can be found on this site. You can find a lot of sermon ideas here, or resources to use during the sermon.

The Rocket Company

This comprehensive site offers sermon resources, but also worship tools, advice blogs, online giving, and more.

Head Heart Hand

This website is primarily a curated collection of books, blogs, and links to other sites. It serves as a hub for many great resources, so if your searches are coming up dry, you can use this site as a great jumping-off point to discover new content.

Living on the Edge

This site features sermon resources that include videos and audios in addition to documents. There’s even a mobile app for the site, so you can have access to resources on the go.

Christian Media Magazine

While we don’t offer sermon outlines or full manuscripts, we can offer many other resources. Search through our archives to find interviews, blogs about timely topics, and articles about different aspects of ministry.

We hope this list has given you some new places to look for help with sermons and teaching. If you have a favorite resource that’s not listed here, please share!

Author: CMM Staff