Halloween is very close, all preparations are in full gear, and does the church have any plan for Halloween? Sure, Christians can have great fun during this festival.

The popularity of Halloween is rapidly growing, and it draws so much attention from every part of the American society. So the Christian community should not be left out – we are part of society. Though Halloween doesn’t seem to have any kind of Biblical backing, still we can’t pretend it is not happening.

The origin of Halloween is taken from the ancient Celtic harvest festival, but presently seen as a night of candy, costumes, and trick-or-treating. It is also celebrated as a night of pumpkins, ghosts, and deaths. Judging from the origin, it is a pagan festival, but we can’t stop it from being celebrated. We can’t hide away and wait for it to come and pass. However, we as Christians can actually embrace it in a Christian way.

The Word of God says that we are the salt of the earth, meaning we have the ability to make the society better. It urges us to take a chance in making Halloween celebrated in a better way, the Christian way.

We can turn Halloween into an opportunity to minister to people. Here are some fun ways we can draw people to church:

Adopting a Biblical Concept

Dressing up in a Christian costume, representing a Biblical figure like Jesus, Angels, Mary, or Joseph is a great way to divert people’s attention from the dark side. You will be sending a message different from what the normal Halloween stands for; pictures speak louder than words. This may not create an instant effect but can make a long-lasting impression on the mind of people, a food for thought kind of thing.

A little demonstration of the birth or resurrection of Jesus Christ could be a more creative way to pass a message, whichever one that seems suitable. Doing this, you can turn people’s attention from the pagan festival to a Church display.

Christianize your Halloween Handouts

Christianize your candy, with some biblical messages printed on the wrappers, giving out tracks, and inviting people to church.

Passing some Christian goodies with tracks is a great form of evangelism. Make sure you don’t hand out only tracks, remember, there is no Halloween without candy. The goal is to win them over to Christ and you need to do this with love, not stinginess. You may add other little things, maybe for children, but remember to include a message that reminds them of Christ.

Make it an Outreach for Evangelism

Right in your neighborhood, you can reach out by visiting your neighbors. Seize this opportunity to share the word of God with them. Making people feel accepted gives them a sense of belonging. Most times we live in isolation believing there is never going to be anything between us and the unbelievers; a little friendliness is a better way to win them over.

See Halloween as an opportunity to bring people to church by showing a little kindness. You can even do it in another way, like sitting out in your porch, chat with people as they pass by, maybe share a little or as much of the word of God as time permits. If there is an event going on in your Church for Halloween, use this opportunity to invite neighbors.

Host Trick-or-Treaters in the Church

Halloween is all about candy. The church can host a trunk-or-treat, to create a candy hunt that will bring children from the neighborhood to church. Let some of the church workers stand at the entrance and hand over candy to children as they come to church.

Church members can organize themselves into teams, decorate their cars with different Bible images, and hand over candy to children. Every child will get a new candy or another kind of goody as he or she moves from one car to another. The fun is in running from one vehicle to another to grab a stick of candy.

This is a way to stir the interest of children, distract them from the normal scary features of Halloween, and keep them focused on Christ.

Organize a Fun get-together in the Church Neighborhood

We are talking about a festive period when people are in the mood of celebration, why not give them something to celebrate in the Church? A little get together or a party is perfect, send out invitations to all the people in the neighborhood, let them come and have fun in the Church.

This is a way to distract people from the real focus of Halloween. A lot of things need to be taken into consideration when planning for this; it is going to involve some expenses. Since it is a party, you will need to add some more interesting things to the candy. Thing like games, a treasure hunt, or a concert can generate a lot of fun.

Praise Party

A music concert or praise jam will create a lot of attention. This may not instantly convert people, but it can turn their minds towards Christianity. Remember, all you are trying to do is bring people to Church for Halloween.

Make it lively! It can be outside the Church premises, in an open space where all the people in the neighborhood can see what is happening and attend free of charge. Give the concert an interesting caption, like ‘Halleluiah Night,’ something captivating and Biblical.

Safety on a Dangerous Night

Let’s keep the kids safe. Some kids (or parents) may not want to go out trick-or-treating in costumes, but still want to have fun. Churches can organize a campfire, where people will just sit, warm themselves and eat dessert.

Organizing a youth program is another way to keep kids of all ages off the street on a Halloween night. Give them the opportunity to invite their friends and neighbors, that will make it more fun. It can also be a wonderful opportunity to learn. Churches can use this time to teach about the history of Christianity, how people suffered, gave up their lives to bring us Christianity.

Make it a Harvest Celebration

October is a harvest time. A harvest festival can be interesting enough to draw people’s attention to the Church.

Make it an event everybody can attend, with lots of fun activities for youth and children: games, shows, and lots of treats are always popular. Focus on the idea of Harvest – remember you are trying to draw people away from Halloween. Promote the event within your community.


Let the main goal of the Church be to bring people to Church and win them for Christ; not just an alternative to Halloween. Most families in the Church community, who don’t agree with Halloween, will appreciate what the Church is doing to help the people in the neighborhood. Let every event be planned with a message that aims to win souls for Christ.


By Judith Riseshine: I am a writer, passionate about informing and educating my audience on interesting topics. Though professionally trained in fiancé, I love to write about other interesting topics like travel, cryptocurrency, health, tech, b2b, and spirituality. Writing is a life that I have always wanted to live; it is a voice with which I speak to the world.

Author: CMM Staff