Isn’t everything inspiring and enlightening from God? That is one of the questions we asked ourselves every time we noticed the sharp divide between Christian films and all others. So many times, beautiful and uplifting films that express God’s ultimate message are not considered Christian films.

Christians unfortunately are selling them short by having tunnel vision when it comes to Christian filmmaking. Isn’t one of the goals in Christian filmmaking, outreach? Would we not reach more people by opening our scope of what we consider works of God? These are the kind of questions we asked at the beginning of our journey to creating this international film festival. At Hollywood Divine International Film Festival, we seek to show more than just strictly Christian material. We accept films that are inspiring, have messages of peace, love, hope and enlightenment, because again, is not everything inspiring and enlightening from God?

A Light in the Darkness

Over the years Hollywood has been slowly eating away at the values of America and the rest of the world. The kind of things our children are subject to on a regular basis, through multimedia, has gotten so bad it makes most parents feel hopeless in their quest at raising good moral children. This was another big reason why we wanted to try to make a difference. We are creating an outlet for Christian artist to showcase their work, and in turn, spreading the light for people seeking to feed their souls with inspiring and enlightening media. Our mission is clear. We want to help balance out some of the darkness Hollywood contaminates society with on a regular basis.

So far, we have a lot of amazing films submitted to Hollywood Divine International Film Festival. Our festival weekend in October will be a fun event for families and people of all ages. We have animation films, musicals, short films and feature films that will bring forth our mission, while providing joy and entertainment for everyone who attends. Some of the films will surely make you cry too.

An Inspirational Event

One of our headlining films, “One Nation Under God”, starring Kevin Sorbo, directed by Lisa Arnold is one you don’t want to miss. Arnold wrote the family drama, which centers on a magnet high school where the words “under God” have been removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. When a defiant student questions the logic, the reverberations reach the presidential race, where a candidate gets involved in the issue. This film focuses on the repercussions of an argument about faith, free speech and First Amendment rights. Arnold most recently wrote and directed “Camp Cool Kids” and was co-producer on “God’s Not Dead”.

Along with films, music, and food vendors we also have several workshops and Q&A’s the public can attend where they can meet the actors and filmmakers and engage in enlightening conversation. One such Q&A with Pastor Jason Noble, who will be showing exclusive footage and sharing about his experience on the upcoming 20th Century Fox film “Breakthrough”  produced by DeVon Franklin (“Miracles From Heaven” & “The Star”) starring Chrissy Metz (NBC, “This Is Us”). “Breakthrough” based on “The Impossible Book” tells the story of a young boy, John, who falls through the ice and is miraculously brought back to life though his mother’s love and unrelenting faith in God. Pastor Noble spent countless hours at the hospital with John and his mother through the recovery process and continues a close relationship with them to this day. Pastor Noble is portrayed in the film by Topher Grace (“That 70’s Show”).

The venue for this event, Christian Life Assembly of Camp Hill, PA is an amazingly beautiful facility with a main screen auditorium and several other large screening rooms. It will be a fun filled weekend of inspiring entertainment. We hope to hold this festival annually and are also planning to hold festival’s in the southern United States as well as the west. Our goal is simple. We want to light the world up with God’s pure message of hope.

See ya at the movies in October!

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Jameson Hesse & Mark Den Bleyker, Founders – Hollywood Divine International Film Festival

Jameson has spent many years in Hollywood, and is currently working on a Faith and Family film based around the 2015 Little League World Series. He asks God every day for the strength to stay on the path to righteousness. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes it’s easy, but it’s always right.




Mark grew up close to the endless entertainment available in New York City. Since committing his life to Christ, he has been doing his best to use the experiences and knowledge He has given him to glorify God. Currently he owns and runs a video production company, as well as several other businesses. Mark’s goal, with God’s help and the Hollywood Divine International Film Festival, is to lift up and encourage other filmmakers as they express their creativity using the influence of film to bring the love of God to all that need to hear. 


Author: CMM Staff