In this interview with Tim Hale and Michael Sanders, these two creative minds behind 70X7 Media share some insider “secrets,” as it were, about how to provide impactful media for your church.

Even though 70X7 Media enjoys a lot of success with their videos and resources on SermonSpice and Worship House Media, they produce their videos first and foremost for their own church.

Here are a few of their tips for those who are wanting to use or produce church media:

  • Even if you’re selling your media, focus first and foremost on the value for the church, not the money you’ll be making
  • However, if you’re selling your videos, don’t be afraid to charge a fair price. Videos cost to produce, and people are willing to pay for a quality product.
  • Prepare and plan ahead. Ideally sermons and the media to accompany them should be planned out weeks or even months in advance, to give everyone involved time to make sure it’s a first class experience
  • YouTube is a great resource for tips, techniques, and inspiration

For the full interview with Tim and Michael, check out the podcast here!


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