After watching another episode of The Deadliest Warrior on television, I decided to evaluate the story of David and Goliath, one of the iconic death-matches in history. I found out several points that I and my teacher probably missed out when the story was taught in my Sunday School class.


For instance, remember that the giant Philistine was demanding that the Israelites chose one warrior from among them so they could settle their issues mano y mano. Unfortunately, no one among the hardened soldiers of Israel dared. Not even King Saul, who was the tallest and most gigantic of all the Israelites had the courage to fight the ten foot combatant. Saul is a very tall man. His exact height is not given, but he's a head taller than anyone else in all Israel (1 Samuel 9:2) which implies he was over six feet tall, and Saul's armor and weaponry are apparently no worse than Goliath's. But King Saul chickened out of his responsibility as the country’s premier defender and this obvious physical match-up.


It would take a young shepherd boy sent out on an errand by his father to bring down the enemy.


Kill Records versus Shock Value


Although the mortal duel was, at first glance, biased against the scrawny boy from the farmland, further information reveals that it is Goliath who was disadvantaged. Consider these statistics as provided by the Bible:


David: number of kills – two (a bear and a lion who attacked his father’s sheep).


Goliath: number of kills – none recorded


So, when you think about it, although Goliath was huge, fearsome, boisterous and well-armed, he has no record of actually killing even a single rat or small snake! If you were to decide who was more deadly, David was the clear winner. David was the deadlier warrior based on actual records.


In the end, the number of actual victories and kills stomp the shock and awe of facing a man mountain. If only the Israelites considered Goliath’s actual performance than his claims of grandeur and terror, they might not have been shamed by a farm boy.


In our lives, we face many Goliaths – problems, difficulties, needs, sickness. All of them seem so huge, fearful and inescapable. But if we only consider God’s scorecard against these problems, we will discover that He has enabled us to win against all problems in the past and we only need to look at our win records and read His Word to validate God’s promises.



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