By David Jordan

We want to upgrade to a digital mixer, how do we decide what one is the best?

Purchasing your first digital sound board can be intimidating. What is the best way to decide what to get:
I know I will ask the bigger church down the road, what they would purchase. They will know what is best.

Is this the way to decide?  NO

Allot of it is personal preference, and what you and comfortable with.

I could tell you the PreSonus SL is the best or I could Tell You The X32 is the best or the Q32 and so on.
I could tell you anyone of them is the best on the market.

Should you believe any of that? NO !

So how do I decide what to get?

You must get your hands on the boards you are thinking about. And do an evaluation of each of them, based on your needs. To weed out the ones that do not fit your needs.

Try this check list:

  1. Does it fit our budget?
  2. Can I figure out how it runs with NO help?
  3. Does it make sense to me?
  4. Will it meet our need – 3 years from now?
  5. What does it come with, (remote mixing, monitor mixing, recording software, smaart)
  6. Is there good tech support, for the product?

It cost more so it must be better, correct.

You could get a 40 thousand dollar board; will it be better than the lower cost boards?

1- If you do not know how to run it then NO.

2- Yes, it can be better if you know how to run it and have the money for all the extras needed.

The best digital board for you is the one that your church, can afford and that the entire tech team can understand how to run, and run it with on problems.

The bottom line is: Do your homework (research), get your hands on whatever boards you think you like, and demo them. See what work best for your situation. And go with that board.

There is no one sound board that is best, for everyone or every situation.

David Jordan

Author: David Jordan

David Jordan is a father of two and full time firefighter & part time fireworks technician. David was the tech/media director at Calvary Assembly of God in Kissimmee, Fl. for 26 years. He is currently a volunteer tech at Faith Assembly, Orlando. David Jordan is founder of (CSMT) Church Sound & Media Tech’s Facebook group (link above), which he created as solicitation free learning tool advice column for church techs from around the world. He has been involved in church sound/media for over 36 years. He enjoys teaching & helping others to better their tech ministry.