We live in a busy generation. Behind every corner lurks a new task, list, demand, or distraction. We’re often so absorbed in our own earthly projects, we tend to push God out on the sideline of our lives. God’s Word tells us, “Until I come, devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation, to teaching.” (1st Timothy 4:13, ESV)

Of course He understands we have children to raise, jobs to perform, homes to upkeep. He isn’t telling us to forsake those things; He’s simply stating that in the midst of all this messiness, we need to dedicate a portion of our time to His Word. When we do so, we’ll find our lives a little less stressful and our hearts a lot more joyful.

Living in an instant-everything generation provides us with easily accessible devotionals, Scripture, and connections with fellow Christians all at our fingertips. Here are four different resources we can choose from that can help us study and grow in God’s Word.

Print Books

If you’re one of those people that just has to have the printed version of a book in your hands, whether hardback or paperback, this resource is the best for you.

There’s nothing like physically holding the Bible, breathing in the smell of its crisp paper and soaking in the inspiration of holy men who were moved by God to bring us His Words.

Plus, an added bonus for using a print version of the Bible or devotional is that we can mark, tab, highlight, and literally pour out our tears onto the pages. It makes our time with God far more intimate.

We get to see how our lives were changed by an enlightening verse we highlighted and starred multiple times in that year we struggled the most. We remember the scars left over from those tears we shed that crinkled the paper. And we can literally hold the Sword of the Lord to our chests in moments where we need to feel as close to God as possible.


Ebooks, the digital format of books that was created for all of us impatient folk, are literally at the click of a button. Zero patience is needed since we don’t have to wait one minute to access that particular devotional we’ve been dying to get our hands on (unless, of course, the internet speed is a little slow). All we have to do is pick up our phones, find what we want to read and download it.

These handy-dandy digital books are also walking libraries. We can store hundreds of books without using any home space or already over-stuffed bookshelves. It’s the luxury of living in this age. We don’t have to wait in line at the bookstore or weave through hefty traffic only to realize the book we desperately wanted is out of stock. Which means, while we’re sitting there waiting to board the plane or chilling on the beach, we have an opportunity to pull out our phone and get in the Word. We can go from hopeless to hope-filled in just seconds.

Online Devotionals

There are thousands of inspiring devotionals just waiting to be read. We now have Bible apps and blogging sites that enable us to connect with millions of other Christians who are also trying to grow closer to God.

These apps enable us to choose what version of the Bible we want to read, provide us with hundreds of devotionals written by well-known and lesser-known authors, offer us highlighting, bookmarking and other various features to mark our favorite passages, and allow us to create images with scripture verses and even share these images on our social media accounts.

They are highly interactive tools that afford us the ability to connect with God in a way that fits our personality. We can choose whatever devotional we want based on how we’re feeling for the day; so no matter the mood, there’s a devotional to help lift our spirits or keep us trekking on for Christ. With easy-to-navigate tools, we can find literally everything we need for our daily devotions all in one place.

And what’s more, we can access thousands of devotional content completely free; whether we use apps or blogging sites like Weebly or WordPress, we can connect to other Christians from all walks of life and all around the world. And if we’re feeling especially brave or inspired, we can even publish our own articles on a blog, sharing our testimony with hundreds of individuals who might happen upon our page.

Email Subscriptions

We all have an email address and we all check our emails at least once a day, which means we have the ability to sign up for email subscriptions with multiple Christian magazines and blogs. The great thing about receiving our daily dose of Jesus through email is that we don’t have to sift through countless distractions that can lead us off course. It’s a more personalized way to spend time with God. We can bypass having to take the time to search for something to read when it’s all right there in our own inboxes.

Christian Media Magazine, along with thousands of other Christian organizations, makes it possible for us to spend time with God daily through consistent articles, blogs, Bible studies, and inspiring quotes. When we sign up to be on the mailing list, we open up the door for God to speak to us every day. We get to choose who we want to subscribe to, and in turn, receive encouragement from people and ministries we admire.


With four easy ways to get connected with God and other believers, we have many opportunities and no excuses. It doesn’t matter which version we choose whether it’s through print book, eBook, online devotional, or email subscription. In fact, we can even use all four resources in order to enhance our walk with God and keep it fresh. Let us be challenged today to use the available resources at our fingertips and get started on our daily walk with God.

Adriana Gonzalez is a freelance editor and writer with God-sized dreams. Follow her Instagram accounts @like_spidersilk and @fullychosen where she shares her passion for writing, books and her faith.

Author: CMM Staff