By Dale Hudson


The Disney Channel just introduced its first-ever lesbian couple on the series “Good Luck Charlie.” (the clip is below)

A Disney Channel spokesperson said the episode was “developed to be relevant to kids and families around the world and to reflect themes of diversity and inclusiveness.”

Under the umbrella of diversity and inclusiveness, our children are being groomed to believe another lie of postmodernism.  The lie – there is no absolute truth and if you say there is, you are judgmental and intolerant.  Truth is what each person views it as.  Everyone does what is right in their own eyes.

I was asked last week at a conference Q & A how soon should you start talking with your children about issues like homosexuality and same sex marriage.

Here was my response.

  • It depends on how much they are exposed to.  If your family is very conservative and you shelter your child from outside influences, you can probably wait a little longer.  If they attend a public school or you allow them to watch more movies, TV shows, etc. then you should start having conversations earlier.
  • I begin planting seeds of God’s plan for the family in my children’s hearts when they were young.  As they grew older, I begin gradually sharing more with them.  When they entered 4th grade, I explained God’s plan for sex.  I used the Pathway to Purity materials from Focus on the Family.
  • Create an environment of open conversation so your children feel comfortable coming to you with questions about sex and the family.  You want them to get their answers from you…not from a kid in the neighborhood or a TV show.
  • Teach them to know the real deal.  Do you know how they teach bank tellers to spot counterfeit money?  By handling real money.  By doing this, when a fake bill comes along, they know it’s not the real deal.  We must teach our kids what God’s plan for marriage and the family is so when they are shown counterfeits, they know it is wrong.
  • Watch for teachable moments.  In the course of everyday life, teachable moments will arise.  What if you were watching the Disney show below with your child?  Instead of ignoring it, seize the moment and talk with them about what they saw and how it measures up to the truth.

I am a Disney fan, but sadly, they do not line up with the truth of God’s Word on this.  It is disappointing that they made this “statement” on a children’s television show.

The floor is yours.  Share your thoughts about this subject in the comment section below.


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Author: Dale Hudson

Dale Hudson has been in Children's Ministry for over 25 years. He is the Director of Children's Ministry at Christ Fellowship Church in Palm Beach, Florida. Dale has co-authored five books which including 100 Best Ideas to Turbocharge Your Children's Ministry. He was named one of the top 20 influencers in Children's Ministry by Children's Ministry Magazine. His blog at www.relevantchildrens is read by over 26,000 people each month. He and his wife, Pamela, have been married for over 25 years and have two children.