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Around Easter, we see a ton of great content coming in from the many talented producers making media for churches. Here is a list of some of our favorites that we just can’t stop watching.

Rescued by Igniter Media


Sometimes in the day-to-day of things, we get comfortable relying on our own strengths and it can be easy to drift into forgetfulness about why we are in need of salvation, and why Jesus’ death on the cross was so significant. This video does an incredible job, sobering us to the reality of our desperate need to be rescued. Preview Now


Son of Man by Dan Stevers


You’ve heard the quote “Preach the gospel; use words if necessary.” Dan Stevers charge could have been “make an extremely powerful video, use words if necessary.” And it wasn’t necessary. Through excellent animation, we see Jesus’ death and resurrection blended with relevant scenes from His life and ministry. Preview Now


Empty by Disciple Media


Empty doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This video from Disciple Media is a powerful reminder that empty is what give us promise for the future! The combination of this important message with powerful music will move your congregation this Easter! Preview Now


Fearless by Centerline New Media


What are you afraid of? This thought-provoking mini movie reminds us that we have nothing to fear in Christ. He took our sins, our shame, and our fear and has given us a new self that can be fearless in Him. Let’s celebrate that this Easter! Preview Now


Thy Name by Shift Worship


Not only does this video give a powerful account of Christ’s last days and resurrection, it ends in an incredible way that is sure to give you chills. I love the animation and focus on words straight from scripture. It’s a great option to start to off an Easter service. Preview Now


His Finest Hour by Steelehouse Media


This video recaps the story of Easter using beautiful text, simple graphic and powerful instrumental music. It concludes with a remind that our darkest hour is Christ’s finest. Preview Now


Not The End by Journey Box Media


Easter Sunday reminds us of Christ’s victory of Sin and Death which should be of great comfort to us that in the bleakest of circumstances, God is never done. Christ is victorious and no sin is too much for the Savior and no death is truly final. This video would great if your church intimately knows the sting of loss and the weight of the effects of sin and would help show them Christ as our ultimate hope. Preview Now

What are some of your favorite Easter videos?


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Author: Lauren Hunter

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