By Ellen Coleman


If you turn to Google for advice on how to manage a Facebook page, you will get tons of great articles, tips, and best practices. I am going to take a different spin on that advice. Until a year ago, I had never managed let alone created a Facebook page. Managing a Facebook page can be surprisingly more involved than you’d think.  Here are four things I wish I had known before I dove head first into managing a Facebook page.

Pictures. Pictures. Pictures.

Your profile picture and cover photo are much more than just your logo. Remember your profile picture will show up not only on your page but also on your followers’ news feeds.  Your cover photo serves as a first impression to your Facebook page. Make sure you create a profile picture and cover photo that display not only your brand/mission but also your creativity.  Capture their attention fast!

Not always 9-5

Facebook hours are not necessarily the same as business hours. Many users access Facebook in the evening from home and they expect you to respond and post when it is convenient for them.  Learning when your users are online is critical to your success and engagement on your posts.

When and Where Matters

Rely heavily on your Page Insights. Facebook Insights are simply metrics for page owners that analyze trends, demographics, and tools to better manage their page. One thing that your Page Insights will tell you is when your followers are on Facebook and what type of content gets the most engagement.  If you learn what they want to see and when they are available to see it, you are one step closer to success.

Your Posts May Not Be Seen

Just because you share an update or photo does not mean that all of your followers will see it. Facebook’s uses an algorithm that determines which types of posts appear in a users newsfeed. This algorithm has undergone some major changes in the past so it is important to stay up to date on the current changes that Facebook makes.

As you embark on this Facebook page journey (or maybe you already have) there will most likely be many more things you add to this list.

What are some lessons that you’ve learned as you’ve managed your church’s page?


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Author: Lauren Hunter

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