Wholesome, godly entertainment for the entire family to enjoy. Does it even exist anymore? With our secular culture digging deeper and deeper into depravity, it can indeed be hard to find entertainment not worth throwing in the garbage can. Thankfully, the entertainment sites listed below are here to help.

Blimey Cow

“Making the world a little less messy.” This is the slogan coined by the Nashville brothers who took the Christian community by storm with their popular channel, Blimey Cow. These animated brothers and their wives produce hilarious videos especially geared towards the homeschooling community.

Babylon Bee

A leader in Christian satire, Babylon Bee stands out for their witty, tongue-in-cheek “news” stories. You can expect to find well known pastors, celebrities, and politicians as the punchline of many of their articles. American culture also happens to make guest appearances quite frequently on Babylon Bee.

Adventures in Odyssey

Drama, comedy, and adventure come together to form the super popular radio series, Adventures in Odyssey. The series first aired in 1987 and has over 800 episodes to date. That’s a lot of entertainment for long car rides and antsy kiddos!

John Crist Comedy

Comedian and viral sensation John Crist is a standout in Christian comedy. With over 300 million video views, you can expect to find a few laughs when visiting his corner of the Web. He also does a great job with combining a hilarious video and heartwarming truth.

The Back Pew

If you enjoy funny memes and cartoons, The Back Pew is the perfect place for you! This website was created by Jeff Larson with the intention of showcasing clean humor and God’s truth. His witty pictures are enjoyable (and appropriate!) for all ages.

Plugged In

This website shines bright in the Christian community by providing honest reviews of movies, videos, music, TV, and games. Who doesn’t enjoy being in the know with current pop culture? Plugged In offers a safe way to investigate that new movie that your teen is just so intent on watching.

The Holy Observer

Claiming to be God’s #1 choice in Christian satire news, The Holy Observer does not disappoint! Satirical articles and videos combine in providing a hilarious experience for you and your kids to enjoy.

Make It Clear Ministries

Make It Clear has plenty of jokes to keep you and your family laughing. With a whole page devoted to religious humor, this website is a place to visit when life just needs a little livening up. You also have the option to submit some jokes of your own!


If you’re looking for some true life stories that aren’t well… depressing, Godvine is the place to be! Life isn’t always about being super serious, and Godvine knows that. That’s why their emphasis is all about the funny moments in life! Here you can find plenty of articles and videos to remind you that God created laughter for a reason.

Studio C

As the Internet’s favorite sketch comedy show, Studio C never fails to disappoint! With nearly 2 million subscribers and 8 seasons to boot, you can ensure that those looking for entertainment are in the right place. You’ll be binge-watching for hours with this iconic group of characters. Not to mention that if you’re a fan of parodies, you’ll be totally hooked in a matter of minutes.

There you have it! 10 great Christian entertainment resources. You’ll never again have to search diligently for a way to keep “clean” and “comedy” in the same sentence. These fun websites and channels have got you covered.

Author: CMM Staff