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“Little girl lost, thought no one loved her….” Annie Lobert

We’re suppose to love them.  When children are brought into our lives we are to feed them when they are hungry, warm them when they’re cold and love them, pretty much unconditionally.  Life’s most complex issues develop when these seemingly basic needs are not met. Annie Lobert, former prostitute and founder of Hookers for Jesus, at an early age labeled herself…. unloveable.  People who were suppose to give her the love and affection that she craved, didn’t. So her search began, her search for love and acceptance. In Annie’s book, Fallen she writes about the many years she lived in the dark world of prostitution.  What at first seemed like a life of  love, glamour, money and possessions turned into a life of beatings, rapes, arrests and loneliness.  

-”My greed, my  lust and my need to be loved.  That is how trafficking caught me.” Annie Lobert

Annie became one of the  most sought after high class escorts.  Celebrities, musicians, politicians and other men with endless supplies of cash became her life.  What at first seemed to be living “the dream” increasingly turned to nightmare.  In her book Annie writes of her sixteen year journey and being owned by a violent pimp who took every dollar and beat her multiple times within inches of her life.  The freedom she once sought was now her prison. When Annie found herself near death from a drug overdose she cried out the name Jesus.

“Jesus, please save me – I don’t know if you’re real, but I don’t want to die,”

Annie’s life was spared and she began to heal.  She started reading her Bible and going to church.

-“I started to stand on Jesus’ words – that I’m whole, that I’m healed, that I’m pure.  That I’m a virgin in Him.  And that gave me peace.”


Annie was called to go back to the Las Vegas strip where she use to prostitute herself and tell the girls that are in slavery there that God loves them. “That’s what I’m called to do,” says Lobert – “To simply tell them, “God loves you.”  No matter where you’ve been, no matter what you’ve done, no matter how deep [or] how dirty you feel. That there’s redemption. You are white as snow if you accept Him into your heart.”

– “Redemption. Redeemed. Set free. That’s my life. That’s love”

In addition to ministering to ladies on the strip, Annie has established Destiny House. Destiny House is a place and  a program that helps women escape from the sex industry and reestablish their lives.  

-“We believe that each lady that comes to Destiny House will have a brand new chance to fulfill their true destiny: To not only be over comers from their past, but strong, amazing, and  empowered women who will literally change the world for good with their new found purposes.”

There’s so much to Annie’s story. If you haven’t yet clicked on the link above in this article, be sure and do so.  You probably will find yourself watching “I am Second”, a second and maybe third time.  Why?  Because Annie’s life story reminds us that we can’t out-sin God’s love and that merely speaking the name Jesus is life saving power.

-‘I’ve been through way too much in my life to turn back now–I don’t have time for the enemy to trip me up.  I’m going forward!  Who’s coming?’ – Annie Lobert

“Little girl lost, thought no one loved her….” Annie Lobert

“Little girl lost, thought no one loved her….” Annie Lobert


Find out more about Annie Lobert at:

Website Hookersforjesus.net

Twitter @hookersforjesus

Her book Fallen by Annie Lobert

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Author: Lauren Hunter

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