By Jason Curlee


There is always a lot of debate on how often you should post on your Facebook page. In the old days, people would tell you don’t post too much or people will un-friend or un-like your page. Whereas that might have been true a couple of years ago, long gone are those days. If you don’t have a consistent posting strategy you will find yourself not only not reaching your fans but not creating a strong marketing component to your business.

It’s kind of like having a great back yard barbeque. Have some chicken, sausage, fajitas, burgers and hot dogs all give everyone something different they may like to consume. The same is true of your daily content. So let’s look at a few principles of how you can post on your Facebook page

Amount Of Posts

This may come as a surprise but I suggest targeting about seven to ten times daily. There’s a reason for that amount. Most people are not on Facebook all day sitting and waiting for you to post. Not only that but Facebook is not going to put your posts into the path of every person who has liked your page. Before you get discouraged about that keep on reading. You’ll have a good strategy by the end.

How Often To Post On Your Facebook PageWristWatch 300x225 How Often To Post On Your Facebook Page

If you are posting at least seven times daily, then I suggest at least once every two hours. The best would be to look into your insights and see the times when most of your audience is on. My audience peeks between 5pm to 9pm. So what I would do is make sure I’m posting most of my content then and then spread it out through the rest of the day. Maybe around before work, at lunch and then when people traditionally take breaks. If you really want to max this out post from 7am to 9pm every single hour.

Types of Posts

Now before you start shotgunning content out at your audience you need to have a variety of content. A variety of content insures you will reach different people the way they love to connect. Not everyone is a text only type of person. Some like more graphical pictures. Some enjoy watching videos. It’s important to have the variety to keep it fresh and engaging. This article gives you SIX types of posts you should be doing.

Be Consistent

You will never create momentum and reach your audience without a consistent strategy. You should be posting every single day and absolutely never going less than three posts in a day when you may be extra busy. Consistency has to be the BACKBONE of your strategy. Every time you miss a day or two all you are doing is stalling your strategy. Anyone can easily send 10 to 15 minutes a day scheduling some content. Check out this article on how to auto post on your Facebook Page.

I encourage you to take a look at a day in the life of my page. You’ll see a great variety of posts. Some do great while others flop. Altogether though in a day and especially through the week I reach most if not all of my audience and more.

So tell me…what’s your strategy for posting? How many times a day are you posting?

Jason Curlee

Author: Jason Curlee

Bringing combined experiences in leadership, ministry, social media and business, Jason Curlee's passion for helping others excel and reach their dreams is evident as he strives to inspire, transform and elevate people to make a difference in their world. Online he’s always leveraged social media and blogging in creative ways to let his voice be heard and grow their ministries. He’s spent years creating and growing his various social media sites, learning how to effectively use and market them. With over 18 years of ministry experience with his wife, from leading thriving student ministries, coaching athletic teams, leading a public school as principal, beginning their own businesses to leading multi-site campuses for Bay Area Fellowship, it’s Jason’s passion for helping people reach their dream that drives him.