By Chip Dizard

Source: ChipPhotography

In this interview I speak with Andy Ivankovich founder of Upper Room Technologies. UpperRoom Technologies was founded in 2006, based out of San Antonio, Texas and has offices in Orange County, CA and Chennai, India. The company is in its fifth year of operation and is a leading software development firm in the Christian technology space. UpperRoom serves churches all over the country with its ministry focused products to include Groups Interactive, a small group management system and Media Fusion, an online video and audio portal.

We talk about the church streaming platform Media Fusion. Take a listen:

Author: Chip Dizard

Chip is a video professional, author, speaker and apple certified trainer. You can find him directing the live stream at his church or conducting online video training at Web Video Chefs. His passion for training via video comes from years of running his church media ministry department and he wants to empower churches to use video and technology to reach the masses.