By Jason Curlee


They said your Church should be on Facebook so you put it there. I mean they had to be right. Of course you’re not really sure. Why really should I be there? Is it really worth it?

Let me set the record a little straight for you from the beginning. They were right and more than you realize. If you’re questioning your Facebook impact and should you be focusing your time there well let’s break it down and show you just how to get more impact.

Facebook puts you in the BIGGEST mission field on this planet every single day. With 1.2 billion accounts and the like button being hit 4.5 billion times a day the possibilities and potential is huge for any Church willing to dive into it. In America alone there are 129 million people on Facebook daily. Where else could you possibly get in front of so many people.

But the potential to blow it in that huge of an audience is also there. So let’s get into a few things that will get you more Facebook impact in an increasingly growing social media world.


1. Post Frequently With A Variety Of Content – Gone are the days where you could post once a day. Not only is it acceptable now to post more often with the right variety of engaging content, but when you do you will create more stories on Facebook which will get you in front of your fans friends. As you raise your engagement your reach will increase which means more Facebook impact.

2. Extend The Sunday Message – The Sunday message can be the launching pad for a week of drilling deeper into conversation about it. You can ask questions related to it, create picture quotes from it, post short video clips of it, show behind the scenes of the Pastor prepping, short clips of staff talking about it, text post of Scriptures from it, ask people for prayer requests, have a live chat our in the comments of a post, I could go on and on. I challenge you as a staff to sit and brain storm all the things that could be done.

3. Hire A Social Media Pastor – Far to often this is just tagged onto the person who is on Facebook the most from a staff. There is no way this person can keep up with all the changes or commit the time to bring out the full potential on Facebook much less creating a multi-platform social media strategy. I’m going to predict that a Church having a full time social media pastor is going to become more and more common in the years to come as churches recognize the potential as well as the mission field there.

Three simple ways a church could get more Facebook impact, dive into a huge mission field and fulfill the Great Commission.

What do you think? Should Churches dive deeper into the Facebook world? Leave me a comment and let’s chat about it.

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Jason Curlee

Author: Jason Curlee

Bringing combined experiences in leadership, ministry, social media and business, Jason Curlee's passion for helping others excel and reach their dreams is evident as he strives to inspire, transform and elevate people to make a difference in their world. Online he’s always leveraged social media and blogging in creative ways to let his voice be heard and grow their ministries. He’s spent years creating and growing his various social media sites, learning how to effectively use and market them. With over 18 years of ministry experience with his wife, from leading thriving student ministries, coaching athletic teams, leading a public school as principal, beginning their own businesses to leading multi-site campuses for Bay Area Fellowship, it’s Jason’s passion for helping people reach their dream that drives him.