Churches and non-profit organizations are overwhelmed with the idea of serving humanity in one way or the other. But such organizations have to maintain a certain pool of funds to ensure smooth running of charitable activities.

Churches, non-profits, and charities generate funds largely through donations from different sources. As a church’s outreach programs grow, or a charity brings in more needy people under its umbrella, the requirement for fund inflow surges.

But, how to get more charitable donors for constant funding and support?

Inviting Online Donations

Non-profits have to deal with the challenge of presenting their organization and its philanthropic goals in such a way that donors are encouraged to take an action. To draw donor attention, organizations have to work on their capability of effectively marketing the organization’s cause.

Churches, ministries, and other non-profits need to manage their SEO right and create a strong social media presence. These steps will help in creating awareness for an organizations’ charitable cause. But, does the marketing requirement of non-profits end by creating awareness for their charitable campaigns? Actually not!

Mobile Giving through Donation Apps

It’s equally important to channelize different media for attracting donors, so that your prospective donors don’t get distracted in between. The traditional method of linking back to the landing page of a non-profit organization to drive more traction has its own limitation. The donor is likely to lose interest in between if right navigation tools are not used on the landing page. These days, mobile-centric marketing – even in the non-profit sector – is generating outstanding results.

Many donation apps have evolved to draw donor’s attention like never before. Listed below are top online donation apps that make it easier for donors to know about the passionate goals of different non-profits and contribute to their cause.

PayPal Donations

PayPal Donations makes online charity payment through the PayPal account convenient. Donors just need to pick non-profits of their choice and make quick online payment without any hassle.

Non-profits and churches have many reasons to choose PayPal Donations – easy fund access, secure payment, easy tracking of donor information, and many more. As soon as a donor contributes through PayPal Donations, it starts reflecting in the recipient’s PayPal account within a few minutes. The automatic fraud screening feature of PayPal Donations ensures that every penny going into a charity is secure. Also, non-profits can track their donors and stay in direct contact with them through emails.

Google Wallet

The fundraising task has become easier with Google Wallet. Donors need to enter their credit card details into their Google account just once to make repeated donations without any hassle. The idea behind Google Wallet is simple – just few clicks to put a donation amount and the transaction is complete in few seconds.

Donors can use Google Wallet in two different ways – through the web and by using near field communication (NFC). A NFC sensor can be set up at a fundraising event or even at a church as part of regular donations. So, whether a donor wants to make online donation through the web or by waving the smartphone in front of a sensor, Google Wallet makes the process hurdle-free.

One Today by Google

Google’s One Today helps any organization in creating an effective fun-raising campaign and drawing donor attention. It is a micro-donation app that allows donors to pay $1 a day to a campaign they choose. As every penny counts as a charitable giving, this app just cannot go unnoticed by non-profits.

It also promotes the idea of a donor community where donors can view contributions made by their friends in different fundraiser campaigns. This way, everyone can stay motivated to make a small but significant contribution to the bigger cause of humanity.


Givelify is one of the most popular apps among non-profits and churches because of its powerful tools that help in making every fundraising campaign a success. Along with letting non-profits track every donation, it also allows them to have the Givelify online giving button on their websites, social media pages and email newsletters. Thus, it increases the chance of higher donor contribution.

Further, Givelify helps charities to customize their page on this non-profit donation app by putting a logo and a cover image. Donors can view the unique app profile of a non-profit organization on Givelify to know about its philanthropic goal and extend an instant support. Non-profits can also create custom fundraising campaigns to help donors contribute to specific causes of their choice.


FirstGiving is an online donation app that is designed exclusively for non-profits to process online fundraising. Those non-profits, charities, and ministries that have partnered with FirstGiving can get quick online donations through electronic funds transfer (ETF).

FirstGiving helps non-profits manage their events, grass-root campaigns and direct donations with the reporting and analytics tool of FirstGiving. Also, organizations can track and manage communications with donors using its different peer-to-peer fundraising tools.


Along with a donation app, your organization also needs different software applications for managing daily operations. For top software tools, which help in accounting, document management, data backup & recovery, you can rely upon leading IT service providers like TechPillar. They make available all important software applications at one platform to help technology users in getting the best solution.

Raising funds online for your church, ministry, or charity may seem a difficult task. But with the right online donation app, you can make this task easier. You just need to pick the best donation tool that fits your organization’s needs.

Kalpana Arya is the Lead Analyst for the Business Software team at Techpillar. She is a inquisitive tech enthusiast, specializing in business Software and Software-as-a-Service applications.

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Author: CMM Staff