Peter Hollens, a YouTube and Facebook sensation with millions of viewers, has captured the Christmas season with this 11 song Christmas release. Songs really help in setting the mood for Christmas, and Peter has done just that.

I hadn’t even heard of Peter Hollens till this opportunity to write a review for CCM came along. As a Christian and a pastor I’m very careful and selective about what I listen to. There are primarily two genres of music I listen to. One of course is Christian music and the other is Christmas music. But in both there are many who try to identify with one or the other but fail to capture what it’s really about, Christ. So I take great care of who and what I would endorse and encourage someone to listen or purchase. But Peter is one that I would.

As I began to read some of the other press releases, I soon found out I wasn’t the only one who really connected with song #3 “December Song.” I love this song because it speaks to something I’ve thought about many times, why can’t this season of love, joy, selflessness, kindness, caring, considerate giving feelings fill the air that it’s almost tangible? I think it’s because we forget when the presents are gone, the tree is taken down or thrown out, Christ is the reason for all seasons. This song speaks about holding on to peace on earth to everyone, holding on to silent nights, Holy nights, angels singing lullabies and heaven and nature singing good will to men.

Why does it change with the seasons? This song not only captures the Christmas feeling, but challenges us all to take a look at ourselves and ask a hard but important question. I once read somewhere, if you feel like God is far away, who moved? God didn’t. It’s people who change. Not only do we celebrate Christ’ birth but also that He Lives.

I’m glad Peter chose to include some oldie but goodies as they say. Some of my favorites on this Christmas album, (is it stilled called an album? I don’t know, I stand to be corrected!) are: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel,” “Mary Did You Know,” “What Child Is This,” “Amazing Grace.” I may be a little old school, but there’s nothing like songs like these to put me and hopefully you in a Christmas mood.

Peter’s unique voice and take on some songs were a treat to hear. I greatly enjoy hearing someone put it all out there and make it his own, with his voice taking center stage with complimentary music in the background. Like I said, this was my first time hearing, but I’m sure to his millions of followers this is par for the course. In a good way.

So in closing, I can assure you, you won’t regret adding this collection of Christmas songs to your own collection of Christmas music. This will not only put you in a Christmas spirit, it keeps you in all year. I’m also glad to see someone not worry about being politically correct by naming his album, A Hollens Family Xmas. Keep Christ in Christmas.

Author: Nathan Parfait

Pastor Nathan M Parfait can be found online at New Beginning Community Outreach Church. You can connect with him on Twitter, and watch services live on Roku, Apple TV, Facebook, and at