Pygmies of the Congo are a small people, considered by the locals to be more animal than human. They are commonly refused medical care and other basic human needs like clean water. If that wasn’t bad enough it is a locally accepted practice to take them as slaves. Then there is Justin “The Viking” Wren, a professional MMA fighter, at 6’3 260lb he would intimate almost any opponent.

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He has an outstanding record of 10 wins to 1 TKO and 1 decision.  But instead of fighting against the slaves from the Congo, here is a Fighter, fighting against modern slavery in Africa.

Mr Wren stepped away from the MMA a few years ago at the top of his game to go on a spiritual journey that led him deep into the Congo. There he found an unlikely family that adopted and accepted him in ways he’d never known before. Then to see his new family literally enslaved and mistreated by others more dominant, Justin couldn’t stand by and do nothing and he didn’t. Thus began his quest to help them improve their living conditions starting with the basics, clean water, medical care and freedom. He has been instrumental in bringing new wells and clean water to desperately needed villages.

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Burdened with a Godly desire to do more he decided the best way he could help them was to leave. Justin returned to the MMA  pro league and is now with fighting a purpose: “Fight for the forgotten”  Using his platform of MMA fighter to shine a light into the darkness he is planing to return to the Congo with an army of supporters to make an even bigger difference for his adopted pygmy family.

 Mr Wren’s love for Pygmies includes changing his professional fighting name from “The Viking ” to “The Pygmy Viking”. His passion is obvious by his several long term stays living amongst the tribes. One video he made went viral when the big bad bruiser allowed some pygmies to touch his very blond hair. The unexpected reaction at the end is priceless.. On spike tv you can watch Justin fight for this forgotten peoples in MMA cage battles. He is putting it all out there in the hopes that his efforts will raise awareness and support for the needs of the underserved clan. Now you can helps join his battle to Fight for the Forgotten.

Author: Lauren Hunter

Lauren Hunter is the publisher and editor-in-chief of ChurchTechToday and Christian Media Magazine where she encourages churches to better use technology and media to improve every aspect of ministry. An entrepreneur by birth, she is constantly looking for new ways to author and create for God's Glory. Hailing from Northern California, Lauren writes from the heart at and is also a musician, poet, wife, and mom to four great kids.