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The new TV show ‘Resurrection’ on ABC premiered Sunday night. I had seen the previews leading up to it for weeks and each time, the commercial gave me chills and caused me to tear up. The thought of the show and what they showed in the trailer resonated deeply with something inside me.

So Sunday night I watched the show and I will continue to watch it to see how these people are coming back from the dead. I will watch it for pure entertainment purposes, but I love the feeling that it gives me.

Why does it resonate so deeply with me? Why does it move us all? I think it’s because at the core of Christianity, we believe that Jesus rose from the dead. We celebrate Easter and the resurrection and at its core, Christianity is a supernatural faith.

I think the reason I was moved to tears by the trailer is because I imagined what the disciples must have felt when they saw Jesus after His resurrection. I imagined what the friends and family of Lazarus and others in Scripture must have felt when they saw their friend or loved one rise from the dead.

And I selfishly imagined my own father walking in the door after being dead for 17 years. I think that’s why I was moved to tears each time they showed a trailer of someone hugging someone they had lost and playing the song “I’m Coming Home.” Death is real, but we know that Christ has victory over death, so we celebrate His resurrection and His triumph over death this Easter.

Did you watch the show? How did it move you? Do you resonate with the theme of resurrection? How can we make that hope real this Easter?


Greg Atkinson

Author: Greg Atkinson

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