By James Lawrence


Do you remember when you made a funny face at your Mom and she told you to stop or your face would stay that way forever? Social media is like that. Every time you post a thought, a picture, a video, or anything else online, it stays forever. People may not pay much attention to it now, and it may slowly slide into obscurity, down into the depths of some server farm. But it will always be there, waiting to surface to the delight of the person interviewing you for that new job. Or perhaps someday you’ll decide to run for public office and the news media suddenly becomes interested in your college activities in the Greek System (and by Greek I don’t mean seminary).With the cost of data storage at an all time low, there’s more value to companies keeping your data with the hope of selling it someday, than there is to trashing it for good. So as you post to your heart’s content, keep in mind that your personal information and everything you post online will be the gift that keeps on giving.A few hints to help reduce the mistakes of your youth…

1. Don’t post pictures of yourself partying.
Companies now use social media as a key factor in deciding if a person should be hired. Ask yourself, “Does posting a picture of me doing poppers in TJ tell my future employer that I’m ready to work?” Not so much.

2. Don’t flame people.
Your rants on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc, are not hard to find. Keep it fair, lest you be flamed later on in life.

3. Don’t hate on your employer.
This goes in the, “I’m dumb and angry, please fire me…” category. Don’t do that.

4. Watch where you surf.
The data brokers are alive and well. They are watching your every click and building a profile of you to sell to the highest bidder. That means, if someone really wants to know where you go online and what you buy, they can find out.

You are valuable. Your data is valuable. Your future is valuable. Take care with what you post online. Your Mom will appreciate it.


James Lawrence

Author: James Lawrence

James is a technology entrepreneur, product designer, writer and thinker, living at the intersection of technology forces and kingdom forces. He current serves as Chief of Staff + Innovation at the Rock Church in San Diego, one of the largest churches in America. He divides his time between leading the Rock's Executive Leadership Team and overseeing technology innovation, including software development, enterprise data-networking, broadcast systems and media communications.