We’ve recently started posted some killer content on CMM from Matthew Johnson of SecondChairLeadership.com. As Editor of CMM, I took the initiative to get to know Matthew better and his offerings for the Church. He took me through one of his webinars on social media and I thought it was a great primer for ministers or church leaders new to social media or that have questions. I look forward to reviewing other services and courses he offers in the future. Below is an interview I did with Matthew after our training time together.

GREG: Your blog is SecondChairLeadership.com. What do you mean by Second Chair? 

Matthew: I work predominately with churches, schools and nonprofits all of which have leaders at second chair levels who help make the first chair’s vision a reality.  An organization has more than one second chair.  To me, a second chair is any leader using their influence to make the organization’s vision become a functioning reality.

Greg: What’s the connection between nonprofits and Second Chair Leadership? 

Matthew: The primary connection is me. In 18 years I have led a school, two churches and a hospice, so I know the non-profit culture. 

Often in non-profits the cause is so great that people tend to work first with their heart, then their hands & heads.  What I mean by that is nonprofit employees are first and foremost about a cause, then about the work and the decisions to aid their cause.

I want to help strengthen those “hand and head” resources that nonprofit leaders need to succeed in their cause.  That’s why at SecondChairLeadership.com I blog about social media, productivity, decision-making, scaling for growth, and sustainability.

Greg: You offer online courses for church social media. Why churches?

Matthew: Social media is the latest technology to bring connection between people and churches. Whenever new technologies become useful and affordable churches want to use them but don’t always do so effectively. I’m thinking of churches and TV. Televangelism has become a jaded term.  I don’t want to see the same thing happen with church social media.  

Greg: Why do you call the course I took “Finding Your Social Media Voice”?

Matthew: Too often, when you look at a church’s Facebook or Twitter all you see are posts promoting the church: “Come to this event.” “Join us for service.” “Don’t miss our program.” That’s not how a member of the community talks. That’s how a church trying to be the center of attention talks, as if everybody is waiting to hear what the church is doing next. The course “Finding Your Social Media Voice” teaches churches how to develop likability and trust with their community through social media.

Greg: Two final questions for you for people that this strikes a chord with: How much does it cost and how long is a course?

Matthew: Courses cost $49 each and last about an hour. I use Google Hangout and Preziso the interaction is visual and personal. Participants always have varying degrees of experience, so before the presentation begins I ask questions to get a feel for a person’s current engagement with social media.  I want the courses to help churches, schools, and nonprofits create a sustainable process for social media engagement and not feel overwhelmed by the learning curve.

Greg: Thanks Matthew and thanks for training and equipping church leaders.

Greg Atkinson


Editor of Christian Media Magazine

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Greg Atkinson

Author: Greg Atkinson

Greg Atkinson has been in ministry for two decades and has been writing, speaking and training thousands of Church leaders since 2000. He helped create, develop and lead WorshipHouse Media, while serving as Director there until the summer of 2006. Greg is an author of leadership books and a contributor to Pastors.com, ChurchLeaders.com, Catalyst, FaithVIllage.com, Life Notes, PastorEquip.com and Leadership Network. As a pastor and speaker, Greg has trained thousands of church leaders and pastors all across North America (US and Canada) and the world (Africa and Haiti). Greg is now the Editor of Christian Media Magazine and a speaker, coach, consultant and author who is working on multiple book projects.